Monday, 14 September 2015

Entertainment Monday: Camp Rock 2 ( 14 September 2015)

I watched the first movie in 2010 when it first came out. It’s only this year that I finally watched the sequel. The Camp movies follow Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) as she goes to a summer camp called Camp Rock. Camp Rock is a summer camp for aspiring entertainers. In the first movie, Mitchie has a rival in talent, makes friends, gains confidence in herself and ends up dating Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) from the fictional band, Connect 3 (played by the real band, The Jonas Brothers).
Camp Rock 2 begins in the following summer. Mitchie returns to Camp Rock and reunites with her friends and boyfriend Shane. Mitchie and Shane are keen to reignite their relationship after maintaining a long distance romance.
Meanwhile, a rival summer camp has just opened across the lake. Camp Star is founded by Axel Turner (Daniel Kash); he is the former band mate of Brown Cesario who would name their kid brown? (Daniel Fathers) who owns Camp Rock. Axel is intent to run Camp Rock out of business out of revenge for being kicked out the band many years ago. Axel begins by poaching the Camp Rock staff by offering to double their salary. He also entices the Camp Rock campers to switch camps as he is a record producer who might sign them to his company.


Mitchie and her friends challenge the Camp Star campers to a performance show down to see which camp is superior. Soon, all Mitchie has time for is preparing for the competition. She pressures her friends to work hard and forgo having fun. Mitchie’s relationship with Shane falters as she spends all her time on the competition. As this is a Disney movie, all ends well. Mitchie learns to have fun, her relationship with Shane is stronger than ever and the camp is saved.

It’s been a long time since I watched the first movie so I can’t say which Camp Rock movie is better. This was a nostalgia trip for me as I remembered how this was the height of the Jonas Brother’s fame, Demi Lovato was first starting out and the surprise hit that was High School Musical. Personally, I think the High School Musical trilogy is better. I think they had a stronger plot, better costumes, songs and sets.  
This is a movie for kids so I didn’t expect great acting or anything out of the ordinary. I thought the movie was cute and there were some songs in it that I liked. I believe the other Jonas Brothers had more of a role in this movie and it was nice to see them again.

I particularly liked these songs:

Introducing Me- Nate (Nick Jonas) is interested in Dana Turner (Chloe Bridges) but he struggles to tell her about himself until he writes a song.

Wouldn’t change a thing- A duet between Mitchie (Demi Lovato) and Shane (Joe Jonas).

Tear it down – The show down song by Camp Star. This song reminds me of 90s concert performances. 

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