Monday, 23 November 2015

Entertainment Monday: Teen Beach Movie 2 (Monday 23 November 2015)

I was thrilled to discover the sequel to Teen Beach Movie was out on DVD. The first movie was about two teenagers, Mack (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch) who by magic find themselves stuck in a 1960s teen beach movie called Wet Side Story. You can read the review about it here.

In this movie, Mack and Brady are back in the real world. The two are about to commence high school again after the end of the summer vacation. Mack and Brady’s relationship gets tested when they return to school. They both have different lives and interests. The pair wonders whether their love was just a summer romance.

Meanwhile back in the Wet Side Story, the movie is not going according to plan. Lela (Grace Phipps) who is one of the main characters, has been altered from when Mack and Brady were in the movie. Lela doesn’t want to be just someone’s girlfriend or a damsel in distress. She leaves the movie by magic with her boyfriend Tanner (Garrett Clayton) to the real world.

Lela revels being in the real world. She loves going to school and the opportunities that she has in the modern world. Tanner is fascinated by everything but worries that Lela no longer needs him. The two sing and dance their way around to the bemusement of everyone else.

Mack and Brady try to persuade them to go back into their movie but Lela loves the real world too much.  The other characters in Wet Side Story don’t know what to do with themselves after Lela and Tanner leave. The Wet Side Story begins to deteriorate without the lead characters, so the secondary characters go after Tanner and Lela.

This movie is so cute and a perfect movie to watch for a movie night or a sleepover. I really enjoyed the sequel and thought it really built onwards from the first movie. I thought this movie was funnier because of how Tanner and Lela interacted with the modern world. I think Lela and Tanner were the highlight of the show and I loved their sunshiny dispositions. The movie reminded me of the Brady Bunch movies where the family lives in the 90s but everything about them comes from the 60s.

I liked all the songs in the movie that I want to get the soundtrack. I thought the dance numbers were really good and all the young people are really talented. I also think that this movie is empowering for young girls and a good base to discuss gender equality to children. 


  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Most everything about new films is foreign to me as I mostly watch old tv series on Youtube from the 60s-90s.

    1. The characters in this movie are from the 60s so you might be interested in it.


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