Monday, 7 December 2015

Entertainment Monday- Alina & Galimatias ( Monday 7 December 2015)

I was first introduced to Alina Baraz & Galimatias’ music from reading an article on Buzzfeed on summer music. I really enjoyed listening to the song Fantasy which was featured in the article.
Alina Baraz and Galimatias are two individual artists that have collaborated to produce the album Urban Flora. Alina Baraz is a 21 year old singer from America; she is known for her sultry breathy voice and Galimatias (Matias Saabye K√łedt) is from Denmark and specializes in electronica and dance music. The result of the collaboration is not energetic trance but easy listening house music. Most of the songs seem to be about attraction and seduction but tasteful.

There seems to be hardly any pictures of Alina Baraz or Galimatias which I have read is a deliberate move on their part. I believe it is so that their music is the main focus for now. I do hope that they continue to collaborate with each other and I look forward to hearing more from them.


I instantly liked this song when I heard Alina sing the first line. I have since had it on repeat for many times. This song reminds me of bright summer days and travelling. In the song Fantasy, Alina sings about how love can be like taking a vacation to the seaside on a tropical island.

Show Me

A song about seduction and attraction. Galimatias also sings in this song with his voice alternating into auto tune. The track is modern and unusual.

Pretty Thoughts

This song is my latest favourite from them. I think it is the most upbeat of their songs. 

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