Friday, 29 January 2016

January 2016 Goal Progress

I read on a blog that a good way to keep track of your new year’s resolutions is to make small monthly goals that tie into your overall plans. So I made some little goals for January.  I didn’t do everything on my yearly goals as I felt that it would be too much. Here were my little goals for January:

Exercise regularly
My original plan was to do aerobics, Pilates and yoga at home but I didn’t end up doing it.  The heat got to me (it’s summer in Australia).  I also felt bored by doing the same old routine. So I decided to go for walks instead and do vigorous housework.  I found walking with friends to be fun and they helped push me to walk further. I also get satisfaction from keeping a clean house. I think I should still do some toning exercises so I’ll have to look into that next month.

Spend more time outdoors
I had one task to do for January which was to replant my plant. It’s a desert plant and it’s really flourishing in this weather. I am pleased because last year, I thought the plant would die. I wish it would flower though. It had flowers when I bought it last year but they withered away. 
the old me

I’ve been a good Carlyn on this one. I have been able to withstand temptation. My strategy has been to make do with the things I already own.

Take more risks
My goal for this month was to apply to three jobs. It’s not a lot of jobs but I’ve recently come back to job hunting. I currently work as a relief teacher (substitute) but I want to become a permanent classroom teacher. I applied for jobs regularly last year but I felt demoralized after a lot of rejections. So I took a hiatus from the job hunt.
I also started a LinkedIn profile and my goal was to network a little on various teacher groups. I was a bit shy about it because I was among other professionals who have more experience.

Me time once a month
This month I bought myself a boater hat. A boater is a flat bottomed straw hat that was typically worn when sailing. Some private schools also have boater hats as part of their school uniforms and barber shop quartets like to wear them too. Anyway, my hat has a bigger brim because I bought it for sun safety. I also bought it because I like boater hats. I like that the straw doesn’t lose its shape and how you can wear the hat without it obscuring your vision like other hats. I have this hat:

Give to charity
I’ve donated books to charity and I bought some more at the Lifeline bookfest! The Lifeline bookfest happens throughout the year at various locations in Australia.  Lifeline is an Australian charity that specializes in helping disadvantaged people .They also have many thrift stores to earn money.  The bookfest is a huge warehouse sale of all their second hand books. The books are priced from one dollar and upwards.

 Read 40 books
My yearly goal is to read forty books.  I have read five books so far which is a good amount given the slow rate I normally read at.

Be positive/Happy
This month I decided to stop focusing on my shortcomings and be positive with what I have achieved. I’m normally hard on myself if I fail to do something even on small stuff like not getting all my errands done. I should probably get that book, Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ve also taken to making my bed in the morning. I heard that it’s good to make your bed because it can be your first achievement in the day. Last year, I was a bit lazy about making my bed. I normally would make it but in the middle of the day or even before I went to bed. I know it’s silly to make a bed before going to sleep but I do it to check that no insects have slipped into the covers. Now I make my bed in the morning and I even do hospital corners for the sheets. I think it looks nicer than untucked sheets and it keeps it cleaner. My sheets use to drape all the way to the floor. I can now look under my bed without having to lift up the blankets.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job on your goals, congrats on your work so far! All the best in your job search, and I'm glad you are finding more happiness! God bless!


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