Monday, 8 February 2016

Entertainment Monday: New Music (Monday February 8, 2016)

Entertainment Monday:New Music (Monday February 8, 2016)

I wanted to share some new music that I like on this week's Entertainment Monday.  I am fortunate that the music stations I listen to often update their play lists so I get exposed to a lot of new music. I tend to share music from bands that I like on most Entertainment Mondays but sometimes there is a band I may not be as big a fan of and yet they have one or two songs that I love.  It's that music that I do not often share.  So here are a few new songs that I have really taken to.

Dancing on Glass by St. Lucia

I like a few other songs I've heard from St. Lucia but Dancing on Glass stands out head and shoulders above their other music for me.   Whenever I'm in the car and Dancing on Glass comes on I have to crank up the volume and sing along.  I don't go out to clubs anymore but if I did, this would be one of the songs I would want to play on the jukebox. 

Genghis Khan by Mike Snow

Mike Snow had a song called Animal a few years ago that I really liked, but aside from that tune I had never really heard anything else from him that stood out to me.  Recently he came out with some new music and when I heard the song Genghis Khan I liked it immediately. 

Giving Up on You by Wilde Belle

Sure the lyrics describe a relationship where a girl total hates a guy's guts and is glad to be rid of him and wouldn't mind doing him some bodily harm, but much as Dancing on Glass from St. Lucia this is an absolutely awesome song to sing along with or dance to and such a catchy tune. 

The last song I wanted to share on this Entertainment Monday is the song Magnets by Disclosure and featuring Lorde. 
Magnets by Disclosure feat. Lorde

While I can easily acknowledge how talented a singer Lorde is I kind of questioned something about her singing voice in songs like Tennis Court, Royals and Team.  She always sounded a little weird to me, more like she was speaking the songs then singing them.  So I could not really come to grips with her and whether or not I really liked her music.  Rather then growing on me I kind of grew away from liking her music the more I heard it.  Well, in Disclosure's Magnets I have no issues with Lorde's voice what-so-ever.  I love the sound of her singing and this song is so very different to me then what I've heard from her in the past.   Unlike her earliest music, Magnets grows more and more on me each time I hear it. 

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  1. I liked all the songs you picked this week Jon. I like that they are catchy and upbeat. I particularly liked Dancing on Glass. I also liked Magnets too. I haven't listened to much of Lorde's music besides Royals so it was nice to hear a new song from her.


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