Monday, 7 March 2016

Entertainment Monday: Lemon Themed (Monday March 7, 2016)

Entertainment Monday: Lemon Themed Music (Lemon Love)

I wanted to try something fun and new with today's entertainment Monday by thinking of music that I liked which in some way shape or form might be associated with lemons.  Sometimes I enjoy thinking of music that involves a particular theme and I will make a bit of a game of it to come up with as many tunes as possible with a common word in the lyrics, song title or album title.

By including group names, song titles and album titles as well as lyrics in my game associating music with lemons I was able to create a bit more breadth in the field of songs to pick from.  I did not just want to pick any music with the theme to share here, but music that I actually love.

I was a bit surprised by how much I could come up with just off the top of my head regarding songs I like so I did not even have to resort to looking up anything on the internet as a reminder.

The first tune I wanted to share has nothing to do with Lemons, but it is a wonderful song by the band  The Lemon heads called Into Your Arms.  I first was introduced to the Lemon heads in college during the late 1990s.

The Lemon Heads: Into Your Arms

XTC,  possibly my favorite band growing up had an album named Oranges and Lemons.  They took the album name from a lyric in a song on an earlier album Skylarking (which btw is one of XTC's best albums start to finish).  That song was Ballet for a Rainy Day.

XTC: Ballet for a Rainy Day

I absolutely loved the album Orange Days on Lemon Street from Lex Land back in 2008.  There are so many good songs off that album that I had to cheat a bit here and share two of them.  Lex Land is the daughter of  Dexter Holland the lead singer from the band The Offspring (an awesome band on their own right).

Lex Land: All We've Ever Done

The other song I truly loved off the album Orange Days on Lemon Street was As Much as You Lead. The sultry sounds of Lex Land's voice are easy to fall in love with.

Lex Land: As Much As You Lead

I have some modern Christian music that I love and some that really does nothing for me at all.  I tend to enjoy singing Christian Hymns in Church as opposed to many of the more contemporary tunes that get played today.  Chris Rice is a contemporary Christian singer who has an amazing song that would be a great wedding song called Thanks for the Lemonade.

Chris Rice: Thanks For The Lemonade

Most of the tunes I have shared are a few years old if not many years old by now.  The newest or most recent of the tunes I wish to share is the last tune I am sharing.  It's called Lemon Eyes by Meg Meyers.  I think Lemon Eyes is such a unique sounding song and I automatically took to it the first time I ever heard it.  Meg isn't half bad to look at either as this is the first time I've ever seen the video.

Meg Meyers: Lemon Eyes

So I hope you enjoyed the Lemon themed songs I shared this Entertainment Monday.  If any of our readers ever have a themed idea that they might like to see music from then please share it in our comments section and as long as it's appropriate material I will do what I can to find music relative to the theme. =)


  1. I love the lemon themed songs you have shared. I particularly liked Lex Land's song As Much as you lead, Chris Rice's Thanks for the Lemonade and Meg Myer's song Lemon Eyes. You shared Thanks for the Lemonade a few years back. I still like that song today.

  2. Many Lemon songs! :) I've never heard of these songs. But I remember there was this song called lemon tree and it was really popular in 90's. ;)


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