Monday, 11 April 2016

Entertainment Mondays: The Spice Girls (11 April 2016)

I loved the Spice Girls when I was younger. They were one of my first forays into fangirling. The late 90s was a fun time to be a pre-teen. It was time filled with colour and youthful energy. It was a time of bubble gum pop and boybands and girlbands. Fashion wise, we were moving away from the grunge era of slip dresses with combat boots to bright mini-skirts and platform shoes thanks to movies like Clueless.


My family didn’t have a lot of money while I was growing up. I didn’t even own a Spice Girl CD but I did read all the magazine articles, watch the t.v interviews and all their video clips. My favourite Spice Girls were Sporty Spice and Baby Spice mainly because I thought they dressed the nicest. I loved Sporty Spice because she was a tom boy and so was I.


My favourite thing about the Spice Girls was their GIRL POWER! I found that empowering as a young girl. I wasn’t sad when The Spice Girls split up as by then I had out grown them. I remember when there were two girls in my class who were so glum; they refused to play P.E because the Spice Girls broke up. I thought that was funny. It’s a pity the Spice Girls don’t get along now because that means no reunion tour. If I could go back in time I would see them in concert.

Here are my favourite songs

The Spice Girls debut song was catchy and the video clip was cheeky. It was no surprise that it became such a success.

Say you'll be there
This was their second single. I love all the kicks and punches and dancing in this video clip.

I also love the cover by 

Viva Forever

I knew it was the end for the band when this song showed up and there were rumours that they were disbanding. 

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