Monday, 23 May 2016

Entertainment Monday: Dawin featuring Silento ( May 23 2016)

Dawin is a Youtube star whose debut song Dessert reached over a hundred million views. He has since signed with GMA network. Silento is a singer famous for his song Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) which features a dance that has become viral.

The love interest in the song is Rosanna Pansino, a fellow Youtuber with a popular baking channel. 

I’m a teacher and I dedicate this next song to my grade 4/5/6 class.  (I teach in Outback, Australia in a small class which  I have a multi-level class. )My little girls love the song Dessert by Dawin featuring Silento.  I’ve only heard snippets of this song until one of the girls won a class reward which was to play music in class. They have been singing this song all the time. After viewing the song I can see why they like it. It has a cute video clip and it’s easy to sing. It would be just the kind of song I would have liked at their age. 

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