Monday, 2 May 2016

Entertainment Monday: Peter Yorn (Monday May 2, 2016)

Entertainment Monday: Pete Yorn

Back in the days of Napster if anyone remembers those days I used to surf the internet music catalogs of certain t.v. shows I liked.  It was a way for me to get exposed to new music and musicians which I would ultimately then seek out on Napster.  One of the shows I really found a number of great artists on was Smallville, a t.v. show about Superman's beginnings growing up in the countryside when he was just starting to discover his powers.  I do not know for sure if it was during a search on Smallville's music log when I was first exposed to Pete Yorn, but it was right around that time.  

I bough the CD Music For the Morning After which came out in 2001 and it is easily one of my favorite CDs.  There is just such a cool vibe to Pete Yorn's music.  Sometimes I get so awash in music that I forget a bit about an artist.  Even when I love their music.  Pete Yorn's music has suffered that fate a bit with me.  It's strange to me that I have lost connection with his music when I loved his CD so much and he has even had a song that came out a few years later which I loved.  I do not believe I ever heard anything from him I do not like.  What bought Pete Yorn's music back in focus for me is the fact that he has just released a new album called Arranging Time.  I've heard one song from the album and was reminded how much I enjoy his music.  I hope to dive in a bit more in the coming weeks to Yorn's music that has come out between the 15 years I have missed out on. 

Until then though I wanted to share a few tunes from Musicforthemorningafter a song called Ice Age off a different album which I loved and the new song from Yorn that I have heard off of his most recent release.  Hopefully a few of our readers might like getting exposed or "re" exposed to Yorn's music as I have been. 

Life On A Chain by Pete Yorn off of Musicforthemorningafter 2001

Just Another by Pete Yorn (which I believe was used in the Dawson Creek soundtrack one year) off of Musicforthemorningafter

Sleep Better by Pete Yorn off of Musicforthemorningafter

Ice Age by Pete Yorn off of 2006's Nightcrawler Album

Halifax by Pete Yorn off of 2016's Arranging Time

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