Monday, 20 June 2016

Entertainment Monday: Work Hard - Wiz Khalifa (Monday 20 June 2016)

Work Hard by Wiz Khalifa is my go to song when I'm working hard on the computer. I don't really know many of his other songs but I like this song because it's all about working hard. 

(this song contains coarse language)

I got a new job in April as a teacher in the Outback, Australia. I haven't had much time to do much except work. I'm a new teacher and at first I was just working so hard to make it day by day. Now, I'm more experience so planning is not as hard though I still work long hours. Most of my time is spent preparing lessons, teaching, marking work, meetings and doing school events. 

Fortunately, I'm a week away from the school holidays! It's a two week school break. My brother is coming to see me and we're going to explore more of my new home. I still have to work during this time though, I just won't be teaching. I have to prepare for the next term as well as prepare report cards. 

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  1. I guess it shows my age that the song I always associate with working hard is The Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III. >.<


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