Monday, 4 July 2016

Entertainment Mondays: Taeyeon (Monday 4 July 2016)

Taeyeon is an Kpop singer from the group Girls Generation. I recently stumbled upon her song Starlight featuring DEAN after watching a video about Korea. The song is about being in love and how they are each other’s “starlight”.  Starlight has been on my repeat list ever since. I love the cruisey, dreamlike vibe of the video clip which I believe is filmed somewhere in California and the music is a fun chill out song.

After listening to Starlight, I went to listen to other the songs by Taeyeon. I also like I featuring Verbal Jint which set in a gorgeous location but this time in New Zealand. The song is about escaping drudgery and going after your dreams.

Thirdly, I love her song Rain where Taeyeon sings about how every time it rains she misses her loved one. I love the symbolism in the video clip when the room starts to slowly flood.  

I’ve definitely become a fan of Taeyeon. I look forward to listening to her other songs. 

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  1. I enjoyed Taeyeon's voice. She is talented and pretty.

    Not to generalize K-Pop, but when I listen to it I often feel like I am transported back to the 1990s and my high school days. I think it's a combination of the sounds and the theme's that bring me back.

    I liked the second video best. I like when artist's don't get overly symbolic in their music videos and give you a straight story that you can follow along to the music with. That's especially helpful when I don't have a complete grip on the lyrics.

    I think I like Akdong Musician best out of the K-Pop bands you've shared but Taeyeon is close. Do most K-Pop stars get their fame in South Korea or by heading to Japan or New Zealand or Oz?


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