Monday, 17 October 2016

Entertainment Mondays: Hello, My name is Doris (Monday 17 October 2016)

Sally Field stars as Doris Miller, 60 year old woman who has lived with her mother for almost her entire adult life. Doris’ mother dies suddenly leaving a huge gap in her life. At work, Doris falls in love with a new employee named John (Max Greenfield), a man in his twenties. Doris tries to win John over by befriending him and through making a fake Facebook profile. Meanwhile, John is oblivious to Doris’ feelings, seeing her only as a friend. While pursuing John, Doris experiences youth culture particularly Hipster trends and learns to become independent.


Sally Fields did an excellent job in portraying Doris as a real and likeable person. Max Greenfield had great chemistry with her too and plays the perfect dreamboat. There were some steamy fantasy sequences that happen between Doris and John which is quite entertaining.
I felt embarrassed for Doris when she was trying to court John and I thought he was way out of her league. I think he only viewed her as cute, eccentric old lady rather than a potential love interest. This movie also highlighted for me, the assumption that I had that older people view younger people like their grandchildren. I had forgotten that older people have desires too. In the movie, Doris went home to take care of her mother when she was in her twenties. One of my friends pointed out that Doris probably still thought of herself as a twenty year old girl which was why she went after John.

I thought this movie was sweet, funny and a little cringe worthy. I liked how Doris tried new things while chasing after John which lead to new friends and opportunities for her. I wanted to know what Doris would do in her new life after the movie ended. I enjoyed seeing her grow more confident and take control of her own life.  It reminded me that you can change your life at any age.

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