Thursday, 22 June 2017

Autumn Dreams

Eighteen year old Annie (Ivy Matheson) and nineteen year Ben (Matt Visser) get married and run away to New York but are stopped by Annie’s father. Ben goes to New York by himself and Annie remains on her family farm. The two are separated for fifteen years until they reunite to get a divorce as each have decided to marry other people.  Ben (Colin Egglesfield)  lives in New York engaged to Jovanna (Tasya Teles) and Annie is engaged to Joe ( Michael Karl Richards) back on the farm. The divorce proceedings don’t go to plan and Ben and Annie spend time reminiscing their past and rekindling their love.

Ben and Annie were a nice couple. Nothing spectacular about their love story, sometimes love is like that. I thought that there was more chemistry between the teenaged versions of Annie and Ben rather than the older ones. I also think it’s because the teenagers were at the height of their love and the older ones were rekindling their love.

It’s a cute movie to watch when you want something on but don’t want to concentrate too hard. I watched it while I was cleaning the lounge room. I also picked it because it had the shortest running time on my huge saved list on Netflix. What I found refreshing about this movie was that there were no scheming love interests. I thought Jovanna would be some uptight city girl who would make snarky remarks about Annie being a small town country girl. Or that Joe who was friendzoned by Annie in their teenage years, would be behind some kind of deception which resulted in Ben and Annie’s estrangement.  However, Jovanna and Joe were both nice people. I felt bad for them in the end.


  1. I haven't seen this movie yet. It sounds like it would be a good one to watch! Sometimes it's nice to not have to concentrate too hard on what's happening in a movie. :)

    1. It's a cute movie so I hope you enjoy it.


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