Monday, 5 December 2011

My name is Jon Bear and my friend is Carlyn Girl.  We have been friends for over a year now, having met on the internet forum of a prominent celebrity personality. 
Together, we have decided to create this blog in an attempt to explore our inner desires/personal drive and create a list of 20 goals a piece which we hope to achieve in 2012.  These are not neccessarily overly ambitious goals, but reasonable/attainable goals... thus our small adventures.
It's an exercise in disciplin, but mostly it is aimed at creating a fun/stress free environment whereby we can inspire eachother to achieve and celebrate those achievements or learn from our failed attempts together.
The expectation may not be always met in the achievement, as value can often be gained in the attempt.  Hopefully we will achieve successfully though and help furnish a sense of confidence and pride in the process, while strengthing the bonds of our friendship. 

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