Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Carlyn's 2012 List

My List of things to do
In no particular order I have made a list of things to do for 2012. I love making lists and working methodically on a goal. The things in my list are things that I have wanted to do but have made excuses about or put aside for the “someday” category. I hope that by making my list public that I will be more motivated to finish them.
As Jon said, our goals may be not be very ambitious but I think accomplishing any goal or at least attempting it, is a noble thing to do.
My list of things to do for 2012
  1. Shop for Christmas presents and prepare for Christmas before December.
I always find Christmas to be a stressful time because I have to hurry about buying presents. The experts say that it is good to gradually buy all the present throughout the year so you don’t have to rush around in December to buy presents.  You can also save money because your presents are carefully considered.
  1. Visit my two favourite kids.
My best friend lives at home with her family which include her niece and nephew.  In the past, I have invited the children to my place to help me to complete my education assignments. I play games with them, do art projects with them and ask them questions about life and I write a big report about my findings.
I like the children and spending time with them. So I would like to invite them over again, or take them to someplace nice.
  1. Visit my sister at least three times this year.
I don’t really have a sister but I do have a friend that I adore as much as a sister. She finally settled in one place so I should take advantage of that and visit her more.
  1. Go to a major concert.
I have not been to a concert in a very long time.  I haven’t decided what concert to go to yet, I’ll just check whose in Australia at the  time.
  1. See a play.
There’s always great shows on that pass me by.
  1. Go to a classical concert, opera or ballet
I have always been curious about classical arts and have wondered whether I would enjoy them. There’s only one way to find out…
  1. Get a first aid certificate.
It’s always a good idea to be trained in first aid. In the education industry, it’s a requirement to have a first aid certificate so I should make it a point to get a certificate and renew it every time it expires.
  1. Draw at least two pictures per month.
I enjoy drawing and it’s a past time that I have recently started to do again.  I stopped drawing when I was about twelve, so I don’t really have very good drawing skills. I hope this small goal will help me to improve my skills and bring me much enjoyment.
  1. Finish off Pokémon on Game Cube.
In 2005 or so, my family got a Game Cube. I started playing Pokémon on the Game Cube during that time and never finished it. I really want to finish what I started.
  1. Buy a Game Cube game and finish it.
This is one of the examples of me not finishing what I started. When the Game Cube was launched, I said I would buy some new games to play on it. I never got around to it.
  1. Prepare work portfolio
I have to start gathering things to put into my teaching portfolio as I’m only a few years away from graduating. I should also attend workshops and any other events that my uni thinks is good for my career.
  1. Do something nice for my birthday.
Maybe I will combine this goal with the other ones such as going to see a concert or play. I was also thinking about whether I should have a dinner party. Who knows what the next year will bring, perhaps I’ll find something interesting to do when the time comes.
  1. write at least three articles for the school newspaper.
I enjoy writing and it would be good to contribute to the school newspaper.
  1. Prepare for birthdays and special events better.
Sometimes birthdays and special events can creep up on me. I should at least have a stack of cards ready and ask my loved ones what they would like to do on their special days a month or so before hand. Don’t get me wrong, birthdays are my favourite occasion, it’s just that sometimes I’m not always aware of the time.
  1. Find a charity event to go to.
Maybe I’ll do a walkathon, participate in the MS Readathon, or volunteer at a school, I don’t just yet.
  1. Movies I have yet to see:
-          A walk to remember.
-          To kill a Mockingbird
-          The Hangover
-          The Godfather trilogy
-          It’s a Wonderful life!
-          The Notebook
-          Precious
-          Ten Canoes
Perhaps I shall extend the list or try to finish the list of ‘100 films to see before you die’ , we’ll see.
  1.  Books I have not read yet:
-          1984
-          The Hunger games
-          Eh  several classic books too
-          All the books that I bought that haven’t even been opened. I think there are about eight or ten.
-          Finish all the books series that I started, (except the ones that have hundreds in the series like The Babysitter’s club.)
  1.  Get a new hairstyle
This goal is something that I am a bit nervous about. I have straight black shoulder length hair and I usually have my hair in a ponytail or a bun. I really should try to be more adventurous and update my hairstyle. I have been saying for years that I will get it cut or styled but I have not got around to it.
  1. Read my textbooks.
I am a lazy student. I never read my textbooks unless my lecturer specifically says that we need that information to participate in the tutorial or I’m searching for references to include in my assignments. Perhaps I will make a separate blog that just has my notes from my readings to keep me accountable. I don’t expect anyone to read my blog as it will be quite boring. My textbooks cost a lot of money so I should utilize them more.
  1. Try to get Jon Bear books published.
I know this is a very hard goal but I want to see what the process is for getting books published. I don’t mind so much if my books never get published but I would like to give it a go.
So that’s my goals for 2012. I don’t know how successful I will be at them. I know when uni starts up again next year, that I will be busy, maybe I have taken on more than I can do. I also know that I will reevaluate my goals as the year progresses but it should be quite an experience.

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