Friday, 30 March 2012

Happy Days

Caloo Calay folks ! That's Dr Seussian for yippee yo yahoo! I am now on mid semester break so I'm free to take up some of the goals again. When it's assignment time at uni, I push everything aside and now that's over I can get back to my life again. I can finally get back to reading novels, I should go visit my best girl and watch a tonne of movies.

I drew up some pictures tonight so I have just met the goal of drawing two pictures per month. Usually I draw the pictures at the start of the month but in March I decided that I could wait a while and that there was no hurry to do them. I finally drew the pictures on the last day of March! (When I post this, it may say it's the 29th of March but in Australia it's the 30th).

The pictures are of Jon Bear and I. I have been a bit self conscious about my image and I have joked to Jon before that I should wear a paperbag hence why my cartoon version is wearing a paper bag. The inspiration behind the pictures were those goofy picture booth photos that friends take when they are together.

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