Sunday, 1 April 2012

GOAL 5 Go see a play: How to tame your dragon – Arena Spectacular

At the last minute my brothers and I decided to go see How to tame your dragon which of course is based on the movie by Dreamworks of the same name.  We left early in the day to watch the 11am show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. 
When we got to the entertainment centre, the place was already filled with people. There were long queues for the candy bar and food line, queues for the toilets, queues for tickets and merchandise. There was also people milling about and sitting on chairs.
When we arrived, I decided to buy lunch straight away because they said that we could bring our food straight into the arena. I also didn’t want to buy lunch in the middle of the intermission rush.
So I hopped in line and I bought 2 corndogs and large fries for my little brother and Mimi, 2 chicken and chips with myself and my brother and 4 bottles of water. 
After I bought the food, we divided up the tickets. We were all going to sit separately from each other since we had bought those tickets at the last minute.
My eldest brother and I had seats up in the balcony in row Z, the very last row! Although we had nosebleed seats, we had a good view. The  actors weren’t specks to us, we could see them and their movements and we could see the dragons clearly enough. 
The show was really good and the dragons were great. They really go up in the air. I thought they wouldn’t because they would be too heavy and too difficult to do. I also think that it’s a great show for kids.

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