Friday, 27 April 2012

Carlyn's progress report

I’m quite determined to finish my goals and throughout my days I am always looking for opportunities where I can fulfil my goals.  Something you will see regularly on the blog will be progress reports , this is mainly for me. I like to evaluate myself particularly when I teach and when I have goals. It comes from doing my education courses which usually has self-evaluation as part of assignments. 

   Carlyn’s goals

  • 1. Shop for Christmas and prepare for Christmas before December.
I have not begun to prepare for Christmas although it has been on my mind every time I have gone shopping. When I go shopping, I’ll walk past something in a store and I’ll think “ Oh that would be perfect for so and so!” but I think it is a little too early to prepare some present now. For instance, I know that my brother would like some DVDs and if I bought some and waited to give it to him for Christmas, during that time; he may buy them for himself.
Although, I will buy presents some presents early. I always buy/make presents for my friend Fiona who lives far away for me just so I’m ready to send something to her when the time is right. I already have her birthday presents prepared and her birthday is in November!
  • 2. Visit my two favourite kids.
My two favourite kids are my best friend’s nephew and niece. I think they are smart, funny, nice kids. The children’s mother is getting married and I have been invited to the engagement party so I will see them again sometime in June.
  • 3. Visit my sister at least three times a year.
I’m planning on visiting my sister in the mid semester break. I don’t know what we’ll do together. I would like cook for her, if she’ll let me!
  • 4. Go to a major concert.
I haven’t thought about this goal at all but I will keep my eyes open to what concerts I can attend.
  • 5. See a play. DONE!
  • 6.Go to a classical concert, opera or ballet.
I recently learnt that various Griffith University bands, groups and orchestras give free recitals every so often at the Queensland Conservatorium. So I will probably take advantage of those free recitals.
  • 7. Get a first aid certificate.
The best time for me to get a first aid certificate will be at the end of the year while it is the summer holidays.
  • 8. Draw at least 2 pictures per month.
I’m doing okay with this goal but I think I could do better.
  • 9. Finish off Pokemon on Game Cube.
I haven’t even started this game. I will probably start this game during the holidays.
  • 10. Buy Game Cube games.
  I haven't bought any new games, perhaps I will treat myself at 
  • 11. Prepare Work Portfolio.
I have actively engaged in preparing my work portfolio, I always look for new opportunities. You can count on me to be at the latest workshops on offer.
  • 12. Do something nice for my birthday.
I thought I will prepare a day where I go have a nice meal, go to a show, or somewhere fun that I haven’t been before. If I’m not on prac during this time, I’m planning on playing hooky from school.  
  • 13. Write at least three articles for the school newspaper.
I’ve decided my first article will be about my primary school teachers and I will ask the readers to write about theirs.
  • 14, Prepare for birthdays and special events better.
Well I have been doing a good job for this goal. I already prepared two presents for two friend’s birthdays. In Australia, Mother’s Day is on May 13th and it has been on my mind for quite some time. I’m not sure what I will get my mum, but I will give her a present, a cake and take her to her favourite restaurant.
  • 15. Find a charity event to do.
I want to participate in the MS Readathon! The MS Readathon raises money for suffers of Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. In MS, the immune system, which usually works to protect the body, mistakenly starts to attack the body’s own tissue. The primary target of this attack is thought to be myelin, the protective coating around the nerve cells in the CNS that facilitates nerve conduction. The nerve cells themselves can also be damaged. The attacks on myelin produce ‘scarring’ or ‘plaques’ at multiple sites in the CNS, and it is these scars that give the disease its name. These scars, in turn, begin to slow or interrupt the transmission of nerve impulses, resulting in the symptoms of MS.

A readathon is a like a marathon for books. You read a lot of books for a certain period of time and people sponsor you to read the books.

When I was little, I always wanted to enter the MS Readathon but my parents would not allow it because they aren’t that charitable and thought it was too much work.

The MS Readathon use to only be for children but now adults can participate as well in the novel challenge: . So that’s what I’ll do. Participants can read for thirty days as many books as they can or read as many books as they can for three months. I am going to be taking the three month option as I am a slow reader. I will push myself to read as many books as I can so expect to find more reviews from me.

There will be more information about when the readathon starts when it nears closer to June or July.

I don’t know whether there’s an American version out there or if international people can participate. If you’re interested, you’ll have to do the research.
  • 16. Watch movies.
I have been watching a lot of movies in the cinema but they don’t count towards the goal. The goal is to watch the movies that I have always wanted to watch but never have and they include and are not limited to:

-   Ten Canoes

-   Precious

-   A walk to remember

-   The Notebook

-   Schindler’s List

-   To kill a mockingbird

-   The Godfather trilogy
  • 17. Read new books and finish old ones.
I’m doing fine on this goal and I will try to finish as many books during the MS Readathon.
  • 18. Get a new hairstyle.
Maybe I will get a new haircut for spring or summer.
  • 19. Read my textbooks.
I have not read much of any of the course readings as I have been preoccupied with other stuff. I can’t find the time!
  • 20. Try to get Jon Bear books published.
  I will look into this during the summer holidays.

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