Monday, 16 April 2012

Disney/ Universal Pictures continued

For all you Superhero Fans!  Make sure to check out "The Hulk" rollercoaster ride in the Marvel Comics section of IOA.   Too bad they didn't have a statue of Hawkeye, my favorite Marvel comic Superhero so I settled for Iron Man (my twin brother Clifford's favorite) and Spider Man (my oldest brother Robert's favorite). 

A bunch of little Mickey Mice make up this nearly life sized Mickey Mouse in a store at Down Town Disney where my best friend Henda and I spent our last half day in Orlando.

And what's better than a giant white pineapple? This is a picture from the short boat ride around the shoreline of Down Town Disney.  The night before I took this picture we ate at Bongo's, which had great food and drinks.  The live entertainment was nice too, but they only played two songs.. so I'm guessing they are union?  >.<

A cool little tethered balloon ride at Down Town Disney, that I would have liked to have gone on, but A.  I was pretty much broke at this point of the trip and B. Henda has a fear of heights, even though strangely it doesn't bother him on rollercoasters.

Hopefully I will be able to share more pictures if/when my friends e-mail me the other photos.  These were the best of the ones I took during the last day and a half.   For anyone considering a visit to Orlando, Florida, hopefully these photos might pique your interest and whet your appetite a bit. 

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