Monday, 16 April 2012

Okay... upon much prodding =P here are some Disney Pictures.  Sorry I'm not a skilled camera man and I only have some pictures from the last day and a half as I used my best friend's camera for the first two days pictures before the battery died. >.<

I asked my friends to e-mail me all their pictures, but have not yet received any, so it may take some poking and arm twisting.  As a bear, I'm a relatively skilled wrestler and intend on using using my powers of "persuasion" if neccessary.

This picture was taken, looking up from Proffesor Sprout's greenhouse as you wait in line to enter Hogwarts castle at Harry Potter World in Unversial's Islands of Adventure Park.

Hogwarts Castle Again, this time from a distance.

A picture from inside the castle as you walk along towards the, "Flying with Harry Potter" ride inside Hogwarts (not sure if that's the "official name" for the ride).

Not entirely certain what this was, but it looked cool anyways.  This structure was located just past the Dr. Seuss area of the Islands of Adventure, which is the first part of the parks you see upon entry.  I didn't take any pictures of the Dr. Seuss section, but it was full of pastel colors.

A Dinosaur Skeleton about to step on me from the Jurrasic Park section of Universal's IOA. And below is a random picture of me in my dirty bathroom mirror, about to get crushed by my friend here.  Carlyn always asked me for a picture wearing a suit, so while this isn't really fancy, it will have to do.

 Okay... the next few pictures will be in a new post as they are starting to take longer to upload. >.<

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