Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To some parts of the world, the 13th of May will be Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there.

Today my family and I celebrated Mother's Day a day early as we wanted to celebrate together as a family and my little brother has to work on Sunday. I got my mum some Kylie Minogue perfume and some hand cream. My mum is a casual fan of Kylie Minogue, she use to watch Kylie on Neighbours (Australian soap opera) in the 80s when she was a young woman and she loves hand creams. We also decided to go have lunch in Sunnybank.

Sunnybank is a suburb of Brisbane which has a high Asian population, so all the shopping centres have Asian grocery stores, fashion stores and restaurants. My parents prefer Asian food to western food so that's why we went to Sunnybank. There's a lot of traffic at Sunnybank and today was more busier than usual as the local school, Mcgregor State School was holding a fete and I think other people were out today to find Mother's Day gifts and celebrate Mother's Day earlier.

Mum wanted to go to Pho Hien Vuong, a Vietnamese restaurant. I was a bit disapointed that mum didn't want to be more adventurous as the reason why we went to Sunnybank was that we always eat from Vietnamese noodle houses and we wanted to try different Asian food. I think mum was also taking dad into consideration as he is the most rigid when it comes to food, he only likes pho or Lao food (we're Laotian).

My mum decided to have a rice dish with a fried pork chop, shredded pork, some kind of pork meatloaf and a fried egg, my eldest brother had pho (Vietnamese noodles in broth) with beef brisket, my dad had beef pho and my little brother has chicken pho and I had prawn and pork with clear noodle soup. We also ordered two tara bubble teas, one mango bubble tea, iced coffee and strawberry bubble tea. We all enjoyed our food. The bill was alright, it was $70 altogether which is not bad for five people.

Afterwards we decided to split up and go shopping. My eldest brother and I decided to go to the Mcgregor State School May Fest. We've been to a lot of fetes before and this was one of the better ones that we went too. There were lots of fun rides, food stalls, people and live entertainment. The food stalls were run by various local schools which was unusual because school fetes are usually to raise money for the host school. The food stalls all had different themes and there was a Taiwanese, Indian, Chinese, Greek, German and Korean stall, as well as a hotdog stand.

My brother and I went to the White Elephant stall which was located in a demountable computer lab. A White Elephant stall is a typical fete stall that sells second hand goods .It was really messy in there but there was a lot of good stuff available. I liked watching people find things such a girl who bargained for a bike for $8 and she also bought a book. I bought Gulliver's Travel by Jonathan Swift, Still me, an autobiography of Christopher Reeve (my brother's hero) and A choose your own adventure book, The Antimatter Universe by Kate Mueller for $1.50 as they were having a half price sale.

Later on, we went to the mall and met our parents. They had already browsed the mall but were willing to wait for us while we had a walk around. I went to Morning Glory to purchase a cute diary and I bought some hand sanitizer because I don't like germs. Then we went to the supermarket to get some groceries.

When we went back to the car, we decided to make a quick visit to the Macgregor May Fest again as it was still running. My mum spent 20 minutes in the White Elephant stall and there were lots of people in the rooms so it made it crowded and stuffy. She bought five books, two books on self motivation and one Babysitter's club: little sister edition for me (I wasn't interested but I politely thanked her for it.) Gizmo by Paul Jennings for my oldest brother and Witch for my little brother as it had an anime front cover and my little brother likes anime.

We watched a bollywood dance on the stage. There was a woman teaching the crowd how to dance bollywood style. It was great, I liked the simple exuberant moves. She was like, " Now, we are gonna perform a move called wash the clothes." and she would mime washing the clothes and hanging it up. We also had some honey puffs from the Greek stall which were absolutely delicious. Mum also bought two laksas and a whole heap of marinated chicken wings from the Korean stall as they were closing up.

Overall we had a good early Mother's Day. I hope you have a good day with your mums too!

P.S Here is a review of Pho Hien Voung from my favourite foodie blogger:!/2012/03/pho-hien-vuong.html


  1. My mothers day is today and I will not be able to spend it with mom, but I will be sure to call her. I intend to visit her for her birthday at the end of this month. Carlyn... what is a laska if you do not mind telling me? Happy Mother's day to all you moms out there and all of you people who have mom's out there. =D



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