Sunday, 19 August 2012

For Dad: In loving memory August 17, 2012

Dad, I miss you.  So much now that words seem inadequate.  I miss your kindness and your wisdom.  You had a patience and even tempered nature that I do my best to remember when I feel angry or anxious.  I miss late night chess matches, when you would spell words on our backs and we had to figure out the word or sentance, listening to opera with you, having you throw a football to Clifford and I, your barbeques, your silly phrases like "oskabaskabooshky!", sitting at the bar and drinking a soda with you, driving to Vermont, watching sports with you and laughing at the way you would push your nose up with your index fingers when in thought.  More than anything I miss your hugs.  Some people hug part way or tap eachother on the back, but your hugs were big, wonderful, full hugs,  they were hugs that spoke love, hugs that could bring a smile no matter how I felt, and they were and always will be, the best ever!

While I  will forever more miss the physical I always have the metaphysical, I have the being, the essensence, the quality that made you all the wonderful things you were to me, to Robert to Heather to Clifford and to mom. That is something I treasure, and hopefully I honor your memory in doing my best to live the way you taught us to live.  To respect and love others.  To work hard and not be afraid to dream big where ever we are, however we feel.  Thank you for being a loving father and for building with mom a family that I am truly grateful for if not entirely deserving of. 

Love Forever,

Jon Jr.


  1. A lovely post Jon. I would have liked to have met your dad.

  2. Thank you Carlyn. He would have liked to have met you too.


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