Sunday, 12 August 2012

London Olympics Betting: Final Tally!


Above is the cumulative tally for the Olympic bets that Carlyn and I placed on the 2012 London Games. Hopefully no one used our little wagers for their own prognostications on the events. If any one did, we obsolve ourselves of any responsibility for broken homes, or for having to sell off one's youngest child to pay off debts acrued by virtue of mistaking two highly intelligent bloggers for Cassandra. (figured in the spirit of the Olympics I'd through in a little Greek literary reference there).

I had a great deal of fun betting on the games. I hope that Carlyn did as well.  I think Carlyn and I would do it differently in the future though as it was a bit of a last minute scramble this year and we likely picked a few too many events.  I beleive we would also like a bit more forsight into the top athletes and their chances. I think our little game helped in part keep my focus and interest in watching the events, not that I needed much persuading on that account.

The original deal was that we would each send the other a song per point relative to the total points we accrued on our bets.  Neither of us have a lot of money to go gambling away and the fact that we are seperated by a little thing called the Atlantic Ocean, it made exchange of monies a bit more challenging.  In fairness to Carlyn though, with the current state of the U.S. dollar she may have been better off if we gambled money and not songs as we might have ended up right about equal given the exchange rate between the U.S. and Australian dollars. ;)

96 songs for Carlyn seems a bit unreasonable so she and I have reached an agreement that she will send me a book in place of the songs. I think I can come up easily enough with 2 cds worth of songs to send to Carlyn.  I am particularly hoping for either, "Don't Worry, Douglas!"  by David Melling and/or "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling.  Here is where we find out if Carlyn reads my blog posts! ;)

As a Bear I am particularly fond of books that appreciate us for the highly intellectual and cute figures that we are.

Carlyn and I have yet to determine the guidelines we wish to use in the future, but we should be put to the test once again in short time.  We have agreed that the Olympics are not over until the Paralympics, which begin near the end of this month and run into early September, are completed in London.  We only intend to pick 3 sports and 3 events in each of those sports to bet on this time around. That should mean we will be betting on 18 events in all, unless my math is off.

I want to congratulate Carlyn on her wonderful sportsgirlship throughout the competitions as we both did our best to support our respective countries in their Olympic endeavors.  Wish us luck during the Paralympics.  I look forward to the many inspiring athtletes and events I will learn more about as we wager on the remaining London Games. =)
If anyone has any song suggestions I should get for Carlyn please feel free to list them in the comments and I will do my best to accomodate at least some of them.  If not, I have plenty of my own ideas for songs she might enjoy.


  1. Bravo for winning the bets Jon Bear! I will get you Don't worry Douglas as soon as prac is finished and I am sure I will probably end up getting The Jungle Book for you as well in the next bet.


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