Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My 26th birthday!

My birthday was on the 27th of September.

I don’t like birthdays. I love birthdays. Jon Bear once asked me what my favourite holiday was and I told him while I like holidays, I wasn’t that partial to holidays I like birthdays more. It doesn’t have to be my birthday either!

Last year, I didn’t do anything special on my birthday. In fact, I went to school. Not only that but I went to school when I didn’t have to, it was the school holidays. I went to study.

This year I decided that one of my goals should be to do something nice on my birthday. I did two fun things in two days. On my birthday I went to the cinema to watch The Watch and on the next day I went to have lunch with my family on the Kookaburra River  Queen Cruise in Brisbane.

Day 1

My birthday was last Thursday and it was just my eldest brother Paul and I. My mum and dad had to work that day and my little brother had his internship to go to. So Paul and I decided to go see a movie.

We decided to go to Eldorado Cinemas which is an independent cinema. We had never been to Eldorado before but have often passed it. We thought as it was my birthday it was a good day to see what the facilities were like. (I’d like to mention, I am not sponsored by Eldorado cinema).

Eldorado is not part of a big chain of cinemas; it’s one of Brisbane’s oldest cinemas. The interior is pretty old but well kept and clean, the prices were great too as adult tickets are only $11 which is a lot cheaper than other places.  Brave and The Sapphires was showing for $5 as they were on their way out. They don’t quite have tiered seating where you sit high up at the back of the theatre but the seating plan is kinda on a slope so the back row is a little bit higher than the other seats but only by a few centimetres.

I couldn’t help comparing it to the big chain cinemas that I normally go to though. We had parked up at the mall and had entered the mall via the big chain cinema’s entrance. (Eldorado is located down the street). The chain cinema was full of people, the was a big screen out front showing all the movie trailers and advertisements, the video arcade was buzzing away and the people were milling around talking to their friends. If I had gone to that cinema, I would have enjoyed plush roomy seats and I would had a bigger selection of treats to choose from at the snacks bar, such as nachos, fries, hotdogs and corn dogs.

While Eldorado doesn’t have all those things, I liked Eldorado. I thought the staff were all friendly and courteous (and cute) , there was a good selection of movies on show, the seats were good, and the food was affordable. If you don’t care too much about the bells and whistles, Eldorado is a great place to go see a movie. 

What I also liked about Eldorado is that is an old building with history. People have been watching movies at Eldorado since the 1920s. I thought about all the different movies that must have screened at Eldorado and the patrons that enjoyed those movies. Movies like Some like it hot, or Star Wars and Harry Potter.  


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