Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My birthday story Part 2

On Friday I celebrated my birthday with my family. It was my parents and my brother Sammy’s day off. I booked us to go on the Kookaburra River Queen Cruise for lunch in Brisbane. My youngest brother had gone on the River Queen with his girlfriend for dinner and he raved about the place. So with his recommendation, I chose to go on it for my birthday.

We took the train to Brisbane and had no trouble walking to Eagle Street Pier where the boat was located. There were actually two boats anchored at the pier and we got on boat two.

The River Queen is a lovely wooden paddle boat with three levels. All of us passengers had lunch at the first level. Lunch was a buffet consisting of a few salads, fresh fruits, curries, stir fries, roast beef. The waiters let us go the buffet in sessions to avoid a stampede, it is a small boat and there were about thirty of us there. Unfortunately my family were last at the buffet but someone had to be last. There was still plenty food available and we all had second servings.

As it was listed as a carvary buffet, I was expecting more roast meats on offer such as roast pork and ham and that there would be someone carving. However, the roast beef was already sliced up but that was okay, it more convenient. Dessert was offered near the end of the cruise, which consisted of various cakes and sliced fruits and tea and coffee. I had some sliced pineapple and cake.

When we got on the boat, a Super Hornet Fighter Jet flew past in preparation for Riverfire which is an event in Brisbane by the Brisbane River , where there is a firework and laser display and the at the end of the light show, fighter jets fly by. Anyway, when the Super Hornet flew past, it was such a loud sound that for a moment, I thought World War 3 had started and that a bomb was going to drop.  My brothers thought that as well. The other passengers got up from their seats to look out the window. The jets flew past about four times during lunch and we got use to the sound.

Col, one of the staff regaled us about the history of Brisbane while we ate our lunch; afterwards he played the accordion which I think it is quite appropriate when on water.
(video courtesy of BlossumFlowerGirl :

After lunch we were allowed to wander around the boat. It was fun climbing up the stairs to each level and looking at the view.
This a photo of the boat we went on. I didn't take that many photos as it was such a bright day, that I didn't think the photos would turn out good.
Storey Bridge
The big duck for the annual duck race.

We all had a lovely time. Next time, I might take my grandparents. I think they would really enjoy the trip, they live in Canberra and usually visit at Christmas time.

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