Sunday, 4 November 2012

An Evening With Delta - The Top Of My World Brisbane Show with Special guest Rachael Leahcar

My brother and I went to a Delta Goodrem concert on Saturday 27 October. Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer who became famous on the Aussie soap, Neighbours and left to pursue a music career.  She’s been very successful in music, creating three albums and this concert was to show off the latest album Child of the Universe.

My brother is a big fan of hers, he collects magazines with articles about her, he has every cd and single that she has made and posters all over his room. Sometimes he gets strange looks from people when he says he’s a fan of hers because liking her is like a man admitting he likes Celine Dion. Nothing wrong with that, just a little unusual.

We were not up on the balcony but on one of the side parts of the arena but it was okay since we were close enough to see the stage fairly well but not close enough to see facial expressions.  First up, Rachel Leahcar came onto the stage to perform as the warm up act. Rachel was on Team Delta when Delta was a judge on The Voice.

At first I didn’t realise it was Rachel, I thought she was Delta and we were too far away to notice. Although she is shorter than Delta, she has blonde hair as well and she was wearing a sparkly dress and Delta wears sparkly dresses. Then when she started singing, I was like, “hmmm... Delta sure sounds different and her style of music has changed.” But later Delta appeared on the stage.

Delta’s concert was a charming affair, nothing garish, she wore beautiful dresses, there were pretty projections announcing each song and there were lasers for the upbeat numbers. It was simple concert as well in that there weren’t any dancers or lavish backdrops.

Delta directly talked to the audience and joked with us all. It was cute how every time someone screamed, “I LOVE YOU DELTA!” she would reply with “ I love you too” or “I love you more.”

She had one little mishap on the night. Delta raced off the stage to do a costume change which took a bit of time. The backup singers supported her by keeping the crowd cheering. Delta announced off stage (as she was still wearing a microphone) that she was having trouble with her dress and someone was currently helping her with her shoes. When she finally appeared back on the stage she told everyone that the zipper had broke on her dress and she had to get another dress to wear.

Before we knew it, the show was over. We did not notice the time at all. My brother liked the concert and so did I.


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