Thursday, 1 November 2012

MS Readathon finished

Well Tuesday marked the end of the MS Readathon for this year. The MS Readathon is an event where people raise money for Multiple Sclerosis by reading books and having people sponsor them. Anyone can participate in the event, it's more popular for school children but the NovelChallenge is the one for adults.

You don't have to just read books; you get anyone to sponsor any piece of text you read, such blogs, websites and magazines. I follow a lot of blogs and I read them every day so I decided to have them count towards my reading count, I put 10c to every blog page that I read.  I also read books as well.

In the end I raised a $100. I don’t think it’s that much maybe I’ll try to get more money next year.  I’m glad that I have participated in the readathon as I’ve seen my primary school friends do it and it always looked fun to me.

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