Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Presents

The only thing I don't like about Christmas is the Christmas rush. So this year I decided to shop for Christmas presents a little more early and I started in November. Well I didn't do it quite right, instead I had an earlier Christmas rush because I was so determined to finish all my shopping before December 1st. However, I didn't finish my Christmas shopping til December 8th or so.

So this is what I got:

      • Mum: beauty box and eye mask
      • Dad: Dad's favourite cologne
      • Older Brother: A 4D Rocket puzzle
      • Younger Brother: A gaming poster and Lynx bodywash set
      • Grandmother: Fake flower and Buddhist keyring
      • Grandfather: The Unit season 1 and 2
      • Sarah (best friend): LMFAO cd and Rihanna cd
      • Fiona: (best friend): Personalised necklace, 3 hand creams and eye shadow
      • Annabel (best friend)  Personalised necklace, large plastic tumbler with ice coffee mix, two water pistols for her nephew Daniel.
      • Rebecca (Sarah's niece): One large book and two bracelets
      • Andrew (Sarah's nephew): 2 medium water pistols.
All the presents wrapped up.

Grandma's flowers

Daniel's water pistols.

Present for older brother

Poster for little brother.

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