Monday, 7 January 2013


Today on the 7th of January is Jon Bear's birthday and he turns 37 today!

So Jon Bear, I hope today you have a wonderful day and a great year.


  1. Thank you Carlyn and Rissi! =)

    I saved some birthday cake for you both. *shares cake*

  2. wishing Jon greater year ahead!! :D
    yes, the butterfly didn't move much when my dad picked it up and put it on my hand, the experience was quite rare haha yes, holiday is the time of gathering with family, not to mention the massive foods!

  3. Thanks Prisilia! =) Yes, I am lucky too that my mum and my sister-in-law are really good cooks, so when we have family time the food is always a treat. We had salmon and crab stuffed mushrooms on my birthday. The birthday cake was a cinnamon strudel type cake with vanilla pudding in it. yum!


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