Thursday, 17 January 2013

Carlyn’s Goals for 2013

The holiday season was a busy time for me. My grandparents stayed with my family for three weeks in December and I had a cousin from overseas stay with my family during Christmas. My grandparents went home after Christmas. My cousin went off to explore more of Australia yesterday. I’m free from sightseeing and wining and dining. So now I can write about what my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Put myself first.

I felt that last year I was there for a lot of people and neglected my own needs. I would spendthe day helping someone and then do my schoolwork in a last minute rush. There were times where I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. I want to have more of a balance this year. I also think that I may have enabled some people and it was better to let them sort out their own problems. 

2. Eat more vegetables.

I don’t really eat that many vegetables so I think I will try to be healthier this year and eat the vegies on my plate. Maybe I’ll try some new dishes too. Hard to believe but I don't think I have tried asparagus before. I do enjoy cooking so this could be a good opportunity for me.

3. Look after my health and wellbeing

I will try to implement an exercise regime or at least be more physically active this year. I will also try to look after my health by not to work too hard and getting enough rest.

4. Save 3 months wages

I am a frugal person who delights in bargains and finding discounts. However, despite my stingy ways, I actually live from pay cheque to pay cheque! (Meanwhile, somewhere in New York, Jon Bear has spat his drink in shock- it would be surprising to him that I have no savings). I kept a record book of my expenses last year. I discovered I spend too much money on going out, dining and work. I work as a tutor for a cram school and spend money on teaching supplies and nice things for the kids. I should stop that. The other stuff that takes a big chunk of my budget is uni and family which is something that is out of my control. So this year, I will try to set a little bit of money aside every pay day to amount to at least three months worth of wages.

5. Dress Better
I think my wardrobe is a little shabby and that is time that I updated it. While no garment of mine has holes in it or buttons missing, the clothes are a little worn.
6. Finish booklist and some book series. 
I still have to finish the book list that Jon and I created last year. I also want to finish the piles of books that I have at home that I have yet to read. This year, I will not purchase any books save for the ones that are on the book list or the books needed to complete a series. The book series that I would like to finish are the Narnian books, Artemis Fowl series, Cherubs, Star Girl and maybe there are few others, I have to check my bookshelf.
7. Visit old friends 
I will try to visit some old friends at least twice this year.
I still have some goals left over from last year:
  •  Get a first aid certificate.
  • .Go to a classical concert.
  • Finish Pokémon on the Game Cube.      
  •  Get a new hair cut.
  • Visit my sister three times.      
  • Write three articles for the school newspaper
  •  Buy a Game Cube game
I’m going to do those goals as well except for buying a new game cube game and write three articles for the newspaper. I don’t have an interest to complete those goals anymore.


  1. yes I think you can't please everyone. and some people just can't get the fact that we have our own problems too, and keep asking us for help instead (at least it happened to me a lot last year haha) my goal list is pretty much the same with you, I hope this year I'll be able to cross them all! The same goes for you, too :D

  2. oh, and thank you for the concern about the flood. turned out the flood in our place wasn't as bad as in the west part of the city and we're really safe now! have a nice day :-)

  3. I'm glad that you and your family are okay.

  4. Those are all good goals Carlyn. I happen to LOVE Asparagus, it may even be my favorite vegatable. Make sure you do not get ones that are extra thick though. They take longer to boil and are sometimes undercooked, which makes them too tough to eat and not very pleasant. I hope you can save more money too! I was not shocked that you live pay check to pay check really, as I know how difficult it is to save. While I was aware of your jobs I know too that you have a family and friends you like to spend money on as well as any things you might like to get for your self. All that and the regular costs of living tend to add up. So good luck! =)

    1. Thanks for the tip about the asparagus Jon.

  5. Hi Carlyn! I'm glad I found your blog. It's great to know there's someone as frugal as me and you seem to love reading as well!

    Thank you for following me and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. Unfortunately, I accidentally hit 'delete' instead of 'publish'! Ugh I almost started weeping haha. But I did read it and I appreciate your lovely comment :)

    If you're using a smartphone, you should try getting an expense managing app like I did. It's really helpful and much more convenient than jotting down all your buys into a notebook! :P

    Best of luck for all your goals sweetie!


    1. Hi Renae,
      Thanks for following me as well. I really like your writing. I've tried using four different apps for budgeting but I found that I prefer my notebook. I find the act of writing by hand relaxing.


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