Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jon Bear's Adventures for 2013!

Now for what you've all been eagerly anticipating. =D

With the NewYear comes new excitement and hope.  In the past I have often thought to myself that it can be easier not to set goals because I was fearful of how I might be perceived if I expressed a goal and did not accomplish what I had set out to do.  Looking back on the goals I set for last year's  small adventures, there were some that I achieved and others I did not.  I was worried that I might be embarrassed about not completing some of my goals.  Accountability is important and yet I was a bit reticent because I didn't know if Carlyn might say, “oh.. You said you would do such and such and you never did”.  In spite of my apprehensions about being called out , I appreciated that neither Carlyn nor any of our blog followers did that.

 What I think the moral was for me, was that: life isn’t about achieving every goal;  it is enriched when you take the time to set goals or list your desires and work towards the completion of those goals.  Sometimes our goals change and we aren’t able to do everything we wanted to but there are rewards in having done something and/or having tried something new.  Therefore, I think it’s a great thing to be a goal orientated person.  Failures are bound to happen and I think it's important to not let the fear of failing become a deterent.  Anything we choose to pursue for personal enrichment are worth-while aspirations regardless of the end result.  I think it was important to set several goals too.  If I had set one goal and not achieved it I may have been reluctant to continue this endeavor.   So without further ado, here are some of the things I would like to try and do/adventures I might like to try and go on in 2013….
(First 4.5 goals are carry-overs from last year… I say .5, because I did a lot with the fifth goal last year but I think I can do more this year and would like to continue those efforts)

 1. Lose at least 50 pounds

2.  Explore the job market and apply for jobs

3.  Make Green Bean Casserole

4.  Buy a new suit

5.  Help more people less fortunate i.e. soup kitchen, wrap Christmas presents, continue charity walks

6.  Join some kind of group outside of my normal circle of friends… either a dance class (I’m a horrible dancer so I’ve always wanted to learn to dance a bit better) or book club/movie club, or a choir or orchestra ( I haven’t played much cello in over a decade so there is some fear in that), or a curling club (something I have mentioned to people before, wanting to take up some kind of low impact sport).  Some of these may cost money which will be a consideration.

7.  Travel to two U.S. States that I have never been in before (I will include states that I may have passed through but not visited a person or a site in as states I have NOT been to before).  With that caveat, the list of states I have previously been to are: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Alabama.

8.  Join Facebook: This may take me a while to do.  I know it seems simple but I have had a lot of reservations about joining facebook in spite of the mild prodding I’ve received from friends and family members.  It seems to me that a lot of unnecessary drama is generated through Facebook interactions and I suppose that has somewhat to do with whom you allow into your circle.  Therefore, if I create an account I will be very selective on the people I “friend”.  I’m not concerned with my number of “friends”… I’m more concerned with the quality of person I choose to allow to see my face book page.   I also have certain concerns over privacy settings as I have heard differing accounts in regards to who can/can not see your page.

9.  Go Skating or Skiing.  I’m scared to death to do either of these, but I’ve kind of always wanted to try.  Yeah… I’m not your jump out of planes kind of personality, obviously.  "Baby steps... take baby steps!" that's what I tell myself!  LOL =P


  1. Goodluck Jon Bear, I look forward to reading about your new small adventures this year.

  2. Thanks Carlyn. I am excited about my list and wish you the best of luck with yours as well! =D

  3. good luck on your wish list ^^

    Please feel free to join giveaway on my blog : $80 MsDressy Gift Voucher ^^

  4. yes, I think the process to the goals is what's important. We can learn much from the failure and success occured.
    Good luck with the goals! maybe you can try from the making Facebook account first because it's the easiest haha

  5. Thank you Caroline and Prisilia. It's odd to me that last year, some of the easier goals were the ones I did not accomplish. I think that perhaps in being focused on a few of the more challenging goals I may have put off the easy ones too long. Creating a timeline for the things I hope to do may help as well. =) thanks for the support girls!


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