Friday, 29 March 2013

Jon Bear Journals and Carlyn Diary

Jon Bear and I decided that we are going to blog on a more regular basis.  We are going to blog twice a month about our lives and our goals. My goals for this year are a little harder to blog about than the goals from last year. One of my goals is to think about myself first (I usually spend a lot of time supporting others that I forget my own needs), so you can see how hard that would be to blog. 

Jon was having a hard time about blogging as well. He wanted to blog more frequently but his goals take a long time to do. So monthly journals about our lives remedy this problem.

I'm also not as gung ho about my goals this year. I do want to achieve my goals but I'm not going to do any grand gestures. For example, one of my goals is to eat more vegetables. The gung ho thing to do is make a lot of vegie dishes and food posts. Instead, I am going to be more sedate and just remember to eat all the vegies that are served to me.

 We'll be starting our monthly blogging in April.


  1. I also tend to exert a lot of effort in supporting others rather than taking care of myself. :( It's not good when it's too much.

    1. That's right Ile, what we need is balance.


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