Sunday, 17 March 2013

Respite Ramblings

This is my last year at university! Hopefully it’s my last year. I need to pass everything first. I haven’t had as much time to blog like I did last year. It’s only been three weeks into the academic year and I have had a lot of homework to do and assignments. I spent most of my time on my assignment as I felt that was the most important. I’m a little behind on my homework now but fortunately my homework is not due til the end of the term. For my homework, I have to write weekly reflections on the modules we learn.

I have still kept my goals in mind but have not dedicated enough time to them. I broke my rule about not buying books this year. I bought five books when I waiting for my family and I needed something to do. Oh wells, it just means I have more books to finish this year.

I’ve met with some of my old friends this year and I will have regular contact with them. I don’t know why we didn’t think about it before but we learnt that we could see each other more regularly if we scheduled our next meetings when were are all together. We usually meet months later so it’s good that we finally learnt to schedule our outings.

I’ve been a good Carlyn and have been eating my vegetables. I usually pick out vegies that I don’t like in my meals but this time I eat them. I’ll make a few new vegie dishes sometime this year.


  1. CONGRATS! Best of luck with this final year, Carlyn. :)

  2. not buying book for a year sounds really hard!
    and congrats for the improvements in life :D I'm trying to force myself to eat veggies too, good luck with university :)

  3. It is really hard Prisiia! I found that it's less tempting if I avoid bookshops.

  4. Hehe the last paragraph is adorable. Glad to know that you've been a good Carlyn! :P

    If you don't mind my asking, what are you studying at uni? I really admire your skilled way of writing as well as your evident love for books :)

  5. Thanks Renae! I'm studying Elementary Education to be a teacher. Being a good Carlyn is in reference to the nonsense phrase that Jon and I like to say to each other when we say goodbye. We say, "Be a good Jon Bear/Carlyn not a bad one, not like those ones down the road."

    1. Hahaha that's so cute!

      It's so cool that you're going to be a teacher. That used to be my ambition until I discovered that I have a fiery temper :P
      I'm sure you'll do great and I'm excited to read about your adventures with those little kids :)

  6. hi..
    i love reading this post!
    good luck with your final year. anyway i hate vegetables too lol :D


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