Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Carlyn Girl's diary:The Queensland Maritime Museum

I’m proud to say that I have finally visited all the attractions along South Bank, Queensland. It’s funny that I have lived in Queensland for six years and have not been to the Maritime Museum sooner.
The Queensland Maritime Museum is a boat museum. It has famous boats on display as well as other seaside paraphernalia like historical navy equipment, lighthouse lights and buoys. What I loved about the museum was that we could walk around and touch everything. A museum is more entertaining when there is interactivity.
One of the big attractions in the museum is the HMAS Diamantina, a naval frigate from 1945. You get to walk on all the levels of the ships, from engine room to bridge. There are many pictures and plaques explaining how the naval staff use to live aboard the ship. It’s pretty cosy in the walkways but I imagine it must have been very crowded when it was an active ship.
Another famous boat at the museum was Jessica Watson’s Ella Pink Lady. Jessica Watson is an Australian girl who sailed around the world by herself when she was sixteen in 2009.

I enjoyed going to the museum and I recommend it to everyone. I’m going to take my dad there one day when he has a day off. He likes boats and I can imagine him inspecting stuff and saying “They don’t make them like that anymore” or “back in my day…” My dad always says stuff like that.  


I also think the museum would be great for a school field trip. It would really help students to get an understanding of Australian history. When I was studying a history course, I learnt that an artefact always helps students to realise that history is about real people. Personally, I feel that it’s a much better approach to learning history than just learning about facts and figures.

Do you like to visit museums?
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  1. I LOVE ship-museums, though I've only been to one. (It's kind of like me with ship bookstores, because nothing's cooler than a bookshop that's on a ship!) And this one looks fantastic.

    "What I loved about the museum was that we could walk around and touch everything. A museum is more entertaining when there is interactivity." - Definitely. A lot of the museums here don't allow you to touch anything (to preserve ancient artifacts and whatnot), so that's probably why kids hate going to the museum. And I love that they have other kinds of boats and navy wear on display, too.

    Jessica Watson - WOW. Sailed around the world by herself when she was sixteen? That makes me feel so unaccomplished. Also, she has a cute boat.

    Anyway, glad you had a fun time there, Carlyn! I hope you and your dad will be able to make a trip there together soon, and I'll definitely keep this museum in mind if I ever go to Queensland. :)

    1. Thanks for coming to visit me! I think in Australia, museums always have some interactive feature or exhibit for children. As for Jessica Watson, there were many who didn't think she could do it but she proved everyone wrong.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It's so awesome that the museum allows actual touching of the exhibits. It seems like a lot more fun than just tottering around a museum extra carefully, making sure to use only your eyes to enjoy all the exhibits. I always felt that the strict setting and stringent rules in certain museums deter me from visiting again, no matter how interesting their exhibits were.

    I love what you said about artefacts enabling students to realise that history is about real people! Definitely much easier and a lot more fun to see objects that were part of the life that the people we learn about lived and breathed, rather than trying to memorise huge chunks of information from reading a bunch of notes and textbooks :P

    Hope you are well Carlyn! Always a pleasure to read blog posts about what has been happening in your life :))

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful reply Renae! I hope your studies are going well. As you say, it's much better being in an interactive museum than one where you can't tough anything. It reminds me how in the art galleries, the attendants watch you like a hawk to make sure you don't tough or steal anything. I get why they have to do that but it's uncomfortable.


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