Friday, 27 September 2013

Happy Birthday Carlyn Girl! =)

Happy Birthday Carlyn Girl!

Today is Carlyn Girl's 27th birthday... ahh to be that young again! >.< <---- jealous bear face

Sometimes I think about what it is that makes a birthday special, what makes it stand out compared to any other day and how the tradition of celebrating birthday's came about?  While I don't know the historical answer to the question I think I know the personal one.

It's a day to be recognized for our individuality and what makes us... well... US!  It's also a chance for friends and family to recognize when someone is an important part of our lives. 

Carlyn shares a birthday with noted celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meat Loaf among others.  Today is also the birhthday of Google.  While it's a day we share with others it is also something that is uniquely ours through the lives we've touched. 

Carlyn has touched my life in a very special way and has been a truly wonderful and dedicated friend.  That's not something that comes easily when two people form an on-line friendship.  It's easy to get involved in our daily lives and forget about someone typing on a keyboard half way across the globe.  She is a very bright, articulate and fun person with an appreciation for arts, crafts, fashion and literature amidst other things that shape a person with real depth of character, identity and personality.  In many ways she has even shaped my identity with her Jon Bear cartoons that I have so come to admire, if not always being quite worthy of his exploits and adventures.  As a very private person myself, she has helped me to reach out to new experiences through our blog.  That is something I am and will be forever grateful for.

Carlyn also gives very sound advice, even when it takes a bear-brain a little time to have it sink in! =P It's such a gift to have someone who really listens to your problems, considers them and gives you a genuine answer/advice.   Thank you for being the best bag-face a bear could ever have Carlyn! <3

So I hope that our blogging community here will reach out with me in wishing her a very special birthday!

Now... normally I would not condone eating a bear... but I have found this bear cake and upon this occasion given the special circumstance I can concede a small measure of indulgence.

picture credit

So once again.. Happy Birthday Carlyn!  I hope it's as special as you are!


  1. Thanks a lot Jon Bear! Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Aw, how fun! Wishing you a spectacular 27th Carlyn! Hope your day was special.

    PS: Cute cake, Jon Bear.

  3. You're welcome Carlyn, I hope it was fun! =)

    Rissi, if Carlyn wants to share, you're welcome to a piece. =P


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