Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Carlyn Girl’s Year

As it’s the end of the year, it’s time for me to reflect on my goals. My goals for this year were:
1.    Put myself first.
I have a habit of looking after others before myself and I’m also a control freak who thinks there’s a right way to do things. I assure you that I’m not an obnoxious control freak, I’m a bit more passive about it and a good example would be this one.  As a result of these tendencies, I often neglect my own needs and sometimes do unnecessary work and enable people. This year I decided to be more mindful of my own needs. I asked myself whether people really needed help or if they could/should do it for themselves. The result of this was that I didn’t solicit advice or help to some people which resulted in them sometimes taking longer to achieve things or proving me wrong.
I also realised that I sometimes try to be a superwoman by working too hard and trying to make everything perfect for myself and everyone else. So I learnt to question how I spent my time, I delegated more and I said no more. Sometimes, this caused some friction with some of my family particularly the ones that were used to me doing stuff for them. However, it was all fine in the end.
I’m going to continue to work on this goal next year. I need to learn how to balance assertiveness, taking time out for myself and when I should be supportive of others.
2.  Eat more vegetables.
I think I did eat more vegetables this year. I remembered to include vegetables when I cooked and when I dined out. I wish that I had made more vegie dishes as I mostly ate vegies as a side dish.
3. Look after my health and wellbeing.
I looked after by taking time out. I didn’t really eat healthier or exercise so it’s something that I would like to work on next year. My excuse is that it was my final year of university and I was busy.
4. Save 3 months wages.
This didn’t happen at all. I really have to work on saving money.
5. Dress better.
I kinda fulfilled this goal because I bought many clothes for my internship. Next year, I’ll continue the goal but the focus will be to try new styles and colours that I wouldn’t normally wear.
6. Finish my booklist and some book series.
I think I did the best with this goal compared with the others.  I read a lot of books that were collecting dust on my bookshelf. I also vowed to not buy any books this year until I had finished my booklist. I did end up buying two or three books though, I just couldn’t resist. I’m still going to try to read more next year.
7. Visit old friends.
I’m most proud of completing this goal. I haven’t recorded much about this one on the blog mainly because I didn’t have the time. We had many fun moments and I feel that we became closer too.

I think this year has been a good year. I have worked really hard and there were stressful times and there were also happy memories that I will remember forever. 


  1. Wow ! I really love your blog. And for your 2013 resolutions, you kind of manage fulfill them all ! Wishing you a delightful new year Jon Bear and Carlyn Girl ! ;) xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shabrina! I agree with you on that I did a little bit of every resolution, I wish I had put more effort on some of them. But your comment is a reminder for me to be more positive about it.

  2. Thank you very much Shabrina! Carlyn did a great job with her goals this year and I am very proud of her! It's odd that last year I felt something like Carlyn seems to this year, when in fact I did quite well with my 2012 goals. I think it comes down to always thinking we can do better. I failed in my 2013 goals and perhaps that can provide some perspective for her and her achievement can provide some inspiration or motivation for me in 2014


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