Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Little Lamb

Little Lamb
Eight Mile Plains Shop 22/23 Runcorn Plaza 254 Warrigal Rd
Runcorn, QLD
My friends and I went to a restaurant called Little Lamb as a belated birthday celebration back in September. I had never been to the restaurant before and my friend Tina made the reservation as she had heard good things about the restaurant from work colleagues.  Little Lamb is a hot pot and charcoal bbq buffet restaurant. It was the best restaurant that Tina could have chosen because I love Asian food, buffets and cooking with friends!
When we got there, the restaurant was already packed with people. We could barely get inside the restaurant and squeezed into the entrance. Luckily we had a reservation and when we finally reached the front of the queue, we were seated straight away.
The buffet had a wide selection of skewered beef, chicken and fish for the barbecue as well as plenty of things for the soups, such as meatballs, noodles and eggs. There was also soft drinks, juice and tea available as well. We each selected a lot of things from the buffet, not a ridiculous amount but enough for me to regret wasting a little food.
There was a little charcoal barbecue at our table and it had this mechanical rotating thing that turned the skewers so all we had to do was take the food once it was cooked. I really liked the little chicken drumsticks that we cooked on the charcoal as the skin was seasoned with five spice, it was really juicy and crispy. I also loved eating some small fish too, nobody else was fond of it so more food for me!

For our hotpot, we had two different soups. We had a spicy soup on one side and a plain soup on the other. I don’t like spicy food so the plain soup was for me. We added various meatballs to the stock and ramen as well. The soup was yummy. We also had steamboat lamb which was the specialty of Little Lamb. We did wonder about the unusual name for the Chinese restaurant so mystery solved. Steamboat meat is thinly sliced meat, usually a little fatty and used for hotpots and soups.
We had discussed having dessert but at the end we were all too full. I would definitely go to Little Lamb again as I really enjoyed myself. I can’t remember the price per person but it was affordable for families. I’m thankful for Tina for organising the dinner as she had a 3am wake up the next day to go on a fishing trip with her family. She even went to some trouble getting the reservation too as when she called, the person who answered said they didn’t speak English and she would have to wait until 3pm for person who could talk to her. Luckily she had a Chinese work mate and he helped her with the reservation.


  1. Yum! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your mates over some pretty fantastic food! Aren't buffets just the best? The charcoal barbeque feature sure looks interesting, I'd love to try it some time.

    Even the name of the restaurant sounds so adorable hehe.

    Looking forward to more posts! Hope you are well :)



    1. It's good to see you Renae! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I love buffets because you get to pick what you want and can have as much as you like.

  2. I love buffet restaurant! I always end up eating too much until I can't move and have to sit for some time even after paying the bill :x haha but there is no other place where you can enjoy yourself with that many dishes, really. Oh, and I enjoy the time when you can cook together with friends! there's always that one friend that keep putting the cooked meat to her plate haha

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog Prisilia! I usually eat too much at a buffet too so now I have a rule to be full but not so full that I feel sick.


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