Thursday, 5 December 2013

Paddington Take a test by Michael Bond with drawings by Peggy Fortnum- Review By Carlyn

One of the first books I owned as a child was a Paddington Bear book. It was a second hand popup book about Paddington going shopping. Or at least I think it was about that because I couldn’t read yet and I never asked anyone to read it to me. I use to love pulling all the tabs, flaps and popups in the book. So, when I saw this Paddington chapter book in a church thrift store, I decided to buy it for old time sakes.

Paddington Takes a Test is just one of many Paddington Bear books. Paddington Bear is a little brown bear who comes from Peru. He moves to England and lives with the Browns. The Browns are a typical family with a mother, father and two kids. In this adventure, Paddington tests out new experiences, such as taking a driving test, trying out a hammock and odd jobs and hobbies. Along the way he gets up to all sorts of trouble due to his naiveté.

In the book, everyone takes his antics with good humour. If it were an 80s sitcom, all the characters would be saying “Oh Paddington!” and laugh. There’s even a stereotypical grumpy neighbour called Mr Curry who keeps asking Paddington to do various things for him. He even turns purple with rage when Paddington messes up or says something impertinent. It’s a wonder he didn’t keel over from all that anger.

The book was very predictable but it is still enjoyable and it’s meant for little children after all. I think Paddington Bear is a nice book to read to children. There are little pictures in the book which are just so cute. There are all kinds of Paddington Bear books to suit different ages and you can get old ones in thrift shops and new updated ones in bookstores. I just found out that there’s going to be a new Paddington Bear movie which will be released next Christmas in 2014. I am certainly going to see it.

Do you have a favourite childhood character?

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