Thursday, 27 February 2014

My new job

I've been busy with a new job. It’s nothing spectacular and I didn't get a teaching job yet. It’s a mean time job until I can get a job as a teacher. I work for an Outside of School Care company which means we look after children before and after school. It is for children who have parents who go to work early or finish work late. The children get snacks, play games and do art activities at the centre.

Most of the children at my centre are very nice and the behaviour management is at a low level. For example, they need to be reminded to share and take turns. Sometimes, they are bit complacent when I tell them to do things so I need to be more firm with them. I'm new so they don’t take me as seriously as the people who have been working longer. They also try to take advantage of the fact that I'm not familiar with the routine too by telling me “but we always get to do that...” It always turns out that whatever they are asking from me is not allowed.

An example of this happened yesterday when it was afternoon tea time. We serve snacks straight after school and the children can eat them if they want to or go play. We don’t force them to eat if they don’t want to and we have two snack times so if they change their minds they can eat later.

 So at the first snack time, there weren't many people eating but that changed near the end of snack time when some kids noticed that the snack was corn chips and salsa. Some children came to me and told me that they had not had their snacks yet so I got them some food. However, my manager told me that weren't allowed any food because they have to learn to eat when it’s eating time and not when they feel like it. The kids went to other new staff members as well and asked them for snacks. The manager had to tell all the kids that snack time happens at specific times and you can’t decide to join midway through when you see something you like.

This job is my second job so I work seven days a week now. I also work as a tutor on weekends. I want to have a break on weekends so I've decided to quit my tutoring job at the end of the term. It is so my students can have a clean start with a new tutor next term. 

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