Thursday, 6 March 2014

Decision Points by George W. Bush-Couldn’t finish book by Carlyn


When Jon and I were deciding what books to read for our blog, I was the one that suggested that we read Decision Points by George Bush. I am not a fan of George Bush nor do I dislike him. His time as a president did not have much influence on my life. I wanted to read his memoirs to know what he was thinking during the major events that were in his presidency. The major events like 9/11, the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina. I’ve always been interested in memoirs because you get an account behind the decisions made and what the person was thinking and feeling at the time.

I couldn’t finish Decision Points because I found it boring. I started the book in April 2013 and I put it down and never finished it. I decided to try again this year and I felt that it was too much of a chore to read it. I think that reading should be enjoyable and I just couldn’t stay interested in the book. It’s a shame because I had read his wife’s memoir Spoken through the heart and I wanted to compare the two.

Decision Points focuses on the major events that happened in George Bush’s political career. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far into the book. I only got to when Bush had won the presidency. I found the book reads like a textbook. I think that’s okay because it might be useful for a historian someday but for a recreational reader it’s a bit boring. 

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