Sunday, 9 March 2014

My favourite quote: Fortune favours the brave

I decided that I would do something different for my diary entry instead of moping about teaching. My new job is going fine thanks. I think I’ve settled in and now I feel more comfortable. The children no longer see me as a visitor and treat me with more respect and affection.

My favourite quote is ‘Fortune favours the brave’ which I think means good luck or opportunities come to those that are brave enough to seek it. I heard that it is a motto derived from Latin and there are many variations of it such who dares wins and God helps those that helps themselves.
I seriously considered getting it tattooed to my arm. 

Sometimes I can be stuck in my ways and being spontaneous or making quick decisions can give me some anxiety. I like to be able to think things through and debate on my options. However, there are times when I have to make quick decisions. I spend endless moments thinking whether I should follow my head or heart. I also make snap decisions which I end up changing at the last moment which can sometimes be annoying to others.

I think I’m getting better at making decisions. I prefer to try an experience than be left wondering what it would be like. The majority of my decisions have been good and the ones that have been bad were not unfixable. Whenever I’m indecisive or scared I like to think of my favourite quote so that I think more positively. 

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