Thursday, 15 May 2014

15. Tell me how are you like your ma/pa?



My mum is a kind-hearted,childlike and curious person. She’s a very maternal person and loves to look after people and that includes friends, co-workers and any forlorn soul on the street. My mum can be a bit too fussy and generous, sometimes she needs reminding that  people can look after themselves. I also think of her as a childlike and curious person because she’s always wanting to know why things are the way they are and she makes insightful observations that are simple and innocent.

My mum can also be stubborn and has a fiery temper. When she’s unhappy the whole world will know about it! She can also be forgetful and ditzy that I wonder how she’s able to function and how she ever managed without me.

I believe I am generous, kind-hearted, stubborn and fiery like my mum. I think I have a tendency to try to rescue people from their problems and it’s something that I trying to work on. Nowadays I let people sort out their own problems and I try to give advice or assistance if asked but I try not to go to far in my help.  I think I'm an easy going person and I don’t get annoyed or mad very often. However when I do get mad, I cry, yell and rage. Thankfully, I'm never mad for long and I'm usually back to normal once the issue is resolved or after I've had some time to cool off. I always feel a bit ashamed of myself afterwards. I think I most resemble mum physically as we both have pale skin but her features are bit more softer than mine. I'm also a little taller than my mum.


My dad is a stoic, quiet and simple man. He doesn't really want anything and he’s at his happiest when he is outside doing yard work. As my dad is such a practical no nonsense type person, he  sometimes disapproves of the small indulgences which he sees as extravagances. For example, an ice cream or a magazine can be seen a big indulgence. My dad grew up poor so I can understand how he doesn't like to spend money on unnecessary things.

I use to think that I didn't have anything in common with my dad. When I was a teenager, my dad and I were forever at odds with each other. Thankfully, that stage is over and my dad and I get along most of the time. What I have in common with my dad is we both like to work with our hands. Whenever there is a handyman type chore to be done, my dad and I do those together. My dad use to get my brothers to help him but they didn't really like it. So now my dad and I fix things together. We both like fixing things ourselves instead of buying new stuff. 


  1. Carlyn, do you think that other people would see you as more like your mom, more like your dad or a pretty equal balance of both? Has anyone ever compared you to either of your parents in conversation with you? I remember my oldest brother Robert telling me how several people would tell him how much he looked like our dad when he was growing up . Which was kind of funny because our dad was not his birth father.

    1. My mum's friends say how much I look like my mum and when I'm with my dad's friends they say how much I look like him!


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