Wednesday, 21 May 2014

21: Memories: Where have you travelled?

On the eve of my graduation, I decided to invite my friends Kim, Mika and Jaye to dinner. It was also my last day working as an After-school Hour Care Assistant so that was another reason to celebrate. I met up with my friend Jaye at the train station as we were going to dinner in the city. We were both a bit worn out as we had both finished work for that day. My other friends were already in the city for various reasons so Jaye and I were going to meet them there.

I knew Kim and Mika since high school. To tell you the truth, I always forget what Kim’s occupation is but it’s something to do with finance.  She works a lot and it’s hard to organise to get together with her but she always tries to make it to special occasions. Mika is my best friend and she’s currently studying Event Management. Mika and I get along so well even though we are both different. She’s outgoing and cheerful and I'm reserved and mild mannered. As for Jaye, I became friends with her in university. She’s a vivacious person and almost nothing fazes her.  

I had made a reservation at Mado TurkishRestaurant for 7:30pm as my friends enjoyed eating Turkish food on a previous occasion. What I like about Turkish restaurants is that the food can be shared, the servings are generous and it has a lot of flavour. We had missed the train so we were a bit late getting to our destination that I had to ask Kim and Mika to take the reservation so that we wouldn't lose our table.
Mado Turkish Restaurant photo courtesy of Mado Turkish Restaurant
Unfortunately, Jaye and I arrived at the restaurant thirty minutes late. Fortunately, my friends were in good spirits and didn't seem to mind. I apologised to them but they just waved me off and said it was fine. I got them order shortly afterwards as I didn't want them to wait any longer to eat. Kim had the chicken pide, Jaye had the Adana kebab, Mika had the Moussaka and I had the Anatolian chicken casserole.

When our food arrived, loud Middle Eastern music came on and a belly dancer came out! It was sheer coincidence really but it was cool nonetheless. The belly dancer danced around the tables and occasionally got some of the diners to dance with her. We all clapped along while she dance and gulped down our food as well. Her dancing was tasteful and I wouldn't be worried to bringing my grandparents there one day. At the same time I was praying that she wouldn't pick me to dance because I was sick and wasn't in the mood. Usually, entertainers do their best to include people even when they protest so I was a bit worried.
Chicken Pide which is like a pizza, photo courtesy of Mado Turkish Restaurant
Our food was served on big platters. Kim’s pide was already cut up into slices and was one of those dishes that you could share so she invited us to have some as well. My chicken casserole was in a tomato based sauce, with mushrooms and eggplant. It also had bread for dipping which I thought was a nice touch. Everyone really enjoyed their meals and remarked on how good everything tasted while we were eating. Even the rice was good, it was not dry and it was seasoned so it was not boring old rice. 
Anatolian Chicken Casserole photo courtesy of Mado Turkish Resturant

After dinner we decided to go get some churros from San Churros. Kim also need to buy some macaroons for her sister. San Churros was so busy, the restaurant was fully booked and there was a big line for people wanting to eat there. Luckily, they also do take out so we ordered some churros and macaroons to go. When we finished our churros we went home.  

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