Thursday, 22 May 2014

22. Tell me: What do you want to do for a living?

The honest answer is... I don't know


When I was a kid I always thougt you figured these things out once you became an adult.

Now that I'm an adult I kind of wonder when you figure this out, or if I ever do.  I still consider this question in generalities.  I know I'd like to do something that gives me a sense of pride.  Therefore a job that I take joy in and  where I help others.  Help others how?  By providing stability.  Stability emotionally or with finances or mental health.  I also would like that job to supply those same things to me.

I want a job that is creative and makes me think.  So marketing or advertising appeals to me in that way.  But I would need to market a product(s) or service(s) that I really believe in.  I also love history and if I could do something that would make people appreciate history  more, that would be great.

On a personal level I enjoy music and sports a lot, but I've never given much consideration as to how I might get involved in a profession where I was around music or sports.  Being a sports writer seems like something I could enjoy.  Writing provides certain opportunities for social advocacy too.   Perhaps LeBron James will offer to do an interview on our blog and I can ask him about all the tough questions in the sports world today?  Haha!

Ultimately I would want my job to be a job where there is something I look forward to about going to it more days than not.  Something than inspires passion.  If not everyday than at the very least some days.

I can babble on endlessly about this though.  I do believe that there is more than just ONE job out there for me that I would love to do.  Finding the confidence and self belief is sometimes the biggest challenge towards those pursuits.

I think that a lot of the happiness with where you are depends greatly upon the people you have around you too.  That's something that is much less easily controlled.  So to me finding the right environment in which to make my living may actually be equally as important as what I'm doing.  A bad environment can sap the joy out of something you love to do.  And a great environment can help to inspire joy and passion for a job that you might initially have a marginal interest in.

So my answer to what do you want to do for a living?  Is... I'm still searching and when I figure it out I promise to let you know.  

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