Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer -Review by Carlyn

*contains spoilers

Eclipse is the third book from the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer. This is the Twilight book where the love triangle between Bella, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black build up and Bella needs to make a choice. Bella needs to decide on whether she loves Edward, the vampire or Jacob the werewolf.  The mythical beings are mortal enemies with only the love of Bella stopping them from destroying each other. In the meantime, Bella also has to finish high school and worry over a vampire army coming to kill her.
Jacob, Bella and Edward (l-r)
I kinda regret watching the Twilight movies because I’m sure that the books would be more thrilling if I didn’t know what was going to happen. In the book, there’s a series of murders happening in Seattle and people believe it’s the work of a serial killer. However, it’s actually the work of a vampire who is killing people to make a vampire army. Eventually, Bella and the Cullens realize that the vampire army was created to take them down. Bella and the other characters even joke about how every year, someone tries to kill Bella.
vampire army 
It is Bella’s impending death threat that brings an alliance between the Cullens and the werewolf clan. Both sides take it turns to guard Bella and train in preparation of the battle with the vampire army. Bella is distraught over the possibility that people she knows and loves could die in the battle but everyone else is convinced of a victory.

I found it admirable that Bella wasn’t really concerned over her own death but I was annoyed by the numerous times she had to be comforted.  There are many instances in the book where Edward places his palms on her face, looks intently into her eyes and tells her everything will be fine. The other characters all comfort her throughout the book too while Bella holds back tears. When she does cry, she cries for hours.
Sometimes I wonder what attracts Edward and Jacob to Bella.  I think that the boys have qualities which are admirable and it’s easy to see why Bella loves them. Edward is protective, attentive, kind, and selfless and Jacob is friendly, brave, easy going and kind. I find Bella bland because she doesn’t have much interest in life. Bella is a passive person who has no other interest in life except being with Edward and becoming a vampire.  I can see why Edward was reluctant about granting her wish to be a vampire. I agree with Edward’s sentiments that she needs to experience more of life.

Despite my criticisms of Bella as a heroine, I still like reading the Twilight series. It’s a fun read because of the romance and action. I look forward to reading the final book.  

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