Monday, 27 October 2014

Entertainment Monday: Paloma Faith (Monday 27 October, 2014)

I love Paloma Faith’s song Only Love Can Hurt Like This. The song went to number one in the Australian charts and the top ten in the UK. I think some of its success was due to it being featured in a promo for Winners & Losers which is an Australian soap opera. It was how I was acquainted with the song and I wasn’t surprised that it came to number one in the charts.
Besides the tv promotion, I think the song is popular because it is relatable. The song is about realizing how much you love someone until it’s too late and missing that person.  I think Paloma sung so passionately; she captures the anguish and regret that can come from loving someone.
"Only Love Can Hurt Like This"

I'd tell myself you don't mean a thing,
But what we got, got no hold on me
But when you're not there I just crumble
I tell myself I don't care that much,
But I feel like I die 'til I feel your touch,

The song was written by Diane Warren, who has also written songs for many famous musicians. One of my favourite songs she has written was Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t want to miss a thing’. I think she always writes beautiful well written songs.

Say I wouldn't care if you walked away,
But every time you're there I'm begging you to stay,
When you come close I just tremble
And every time, every time you go,
It's like a knife that cuts right through my soul

JustOnly love, only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this,
Must have been a deadly kiss,
Only love can hurt like this,
Only love can hurt like this

Paloma’s sultry voice and the simple horns and drums accompaniment gives off a 60s vibe. If I had not known, I would have thought that it was a genuine song from that era.
Just wanted to warn you that it contains some passionate kissing scenes for those that are uncomfortable with that.

 Here is one that contains only the lyrics

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