Monday, 6 October 2014

Entertainment Monday: Halloween Music Videos Retro Version (Monday, October 6)‏

I remember fondly when I was a little kid how much I looked forward to the Halloween Music Videos that would be played on VH-1 and MTV.  I know that any of today's videos are going to be much better productions and likely be debuted on an artist's website and not on MTV or VH-1.  It wasn't that I always liked the music necessarily, but the videos helped to get me into the spirit of the holiday.  As I have never been a big Halloween fan to begin with it might be that the videos were even my favorite part of the holiday.  A few of the songs were not really about Halloween but the video lent it to being shown at that time of the year.  Some of the songs could be linked lyrically somewhat to Halloween even though the videos were not Halloween themed. I know that t.v. evolves with public interest and music videos don't have the home they once did on television.  While I miss that by-gone era I'm also okay with not spending hours in front of the t.v. watching video as I would sometimes do.  The occasional trip down memory lane on you tube is still fun though. 

Or perhaps I should say, "funny".  One of the songs I liked as a kid that would be part of MTV's Halloween lineup was Howard Jone's Everlasting Love.   I think the people in bandages were supposed to be Mummy's and thus a pictorial metaphor for an everlasting love. 

One of the more famous Halloween videos of the day was Rockwell's, Somebody's Watching Me. 

I have been a fan of Tegan and Sara for years and their Walking With the Ghost is a song I always enjoyed. 

Michael Jackson's Thriller was without a doubt the biggest Music Video associated with Halloween, but the full version is really quite long so I won't show it here.  If you get to watch it on line though it's considered a classic and worth seeing at least once.  

The last video I'll show here is not short either but always a fun video.  Doin' It All for My Baby by Huey Lewis and the News.

*Posted on behalf of Jon Bear who is having computer trouble. 

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