Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Birthday Part 2

This year I decided to have two birthday celebrations. I had one small gathering with friends and I went out for the day with my family. My family and I went to the Gold Coast for my actual birthday. The Gold Coast is a beachy touristy area of Queensland.  There is a lot to see and do at the Gold Coast, there are many beaches, casinos, shopping centres, gimmicky places like the wax museum and haunted house and there are national parks further along.


We mainly went to the Gold Coast to source the location for a recent job opportunity for me and then we planned on hanging out. The drive to the work opportunity was longer than expected but it led to a nice less commercial beach town. The GPS led us on a merry dance up a steep hill that we later found out was unnecessary. If we just went straight on the main road, it would lead directly to where we wanted to go.
After we found the location, we went to Robina Town Centre which is the biggest shopping centre in Queensland. We looked for a place to eat and settle at a Turkish restaurant.  I wasn’t happy with the service as the waitress seemed inefficient. We were finishing our meal before she finally served our drinks.  I didn’t understand why it took her so long to serve them considering how there were only four other diners besides my family and we ordered sodas and coffees.

We spent the remainder of the day browsing the shops. I was given a gift card from one of my friends so I looked around for something to buy with it. I told myself that I had to get something purely for me and nothing to do with work.  I am a teacher and whenever I see some cheap toys or stationery I think about buying them as rewards for my students.

I decided to buy the first season of Adventure Time and Rugrats. I love watching Adventure Time which is a cartoon series about a boy named Finn who lives in a magical land with his brother who is a dog.

I also bought Rugrats for the nostalgia. I use to watch Rugrats in the afternoon when I was little. 


  1. Sounds like a busy day! Awesome that you buy rewards for your students. When I was helping teach chess camp this year, the instructor who runs the camp brought little rewards from a dollar store for the students, and they really seemed to enjoy them!

    1. Yes children really like little presents and even things like stamps and stickers make them smile.


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