Monday, 15 December 2014

Entertainment Monday: Fever (December 15,2014)

We've all been there, the aching from head to toe, the chills, nausea, cough, runny eyes and runny nose.  No it's not a pretty sight, but the fever knows no mercy and can even bring the most strapping young bear to his knees.  And truth be told, I'm not a strapping young bear any more.  This past Wednesday I went outside to shovel the snow from my and my neighbors sidewalks as well as our parking spaces and the old saying, "let no good deed go unpunished" reared it's ugly head, cursing me with what's likely the worst fever I have ever had.  If not the worst though, it was the most recent, and when we're talking about illness, isn't it always the most recent one that feels like the worst?

I woke up the day after my snow-shoveling escapades feeling quite achy and my eyes felt kind of funny.  It was when I decided to get my weary body out of bed that I was hit with the true weight of my illness.  I have been sick several times in my life, as is expectant of a 39 year old man, but I never before recall being so sick that I had blurred vision and difficulty maintaining my balance.  So this was a first for me.  I took out the old trusty thermometer and checked my temperature.  It read 103.3 degrees.  I had to check my temperature again and much to my distress got the same reading. 

I'm a stubborn bear and as such I try my best to take care of these things on my own.  I figured the hospital could wait for a couple of days unless my fever started to rise even more.  I monitored myself closely.  So for the next couple of days I drank a lot of water and drank a good deal of soup, while taking my multi-vitamin religiously for once and more than the typical dosage of aspirin.  Last night when I went to bed I still had a fever of 102.0 but I felt a world better than when I was above 103 at 103.3.  I repeated a nice little prayer for well being to God and hoped that I would wake up all better in the morning.  So while I am still feeling the fatigue of my illness today, I awoke with my temperature back to normal, albeit in a cold sweat.  Thanks for the help Lord! =)

To the point of Entertainment Monday though, while I was in my delusional state, I couldn't help but hear two songs running through my head, each song equally as good as the other, although they came from different generations of music.  I thought I should share both those songs about Fever for Entertainment Monday.  Now that I appear (fingers crossed) to be on the better side of my illness and headed towards good health I can listen to them without the delightful dread that the tunes evoked just a day ago (now three days ago, because I'm writing this on Saturday >.<).

Fever by Peggy Lee

Fever by The Black Keys


  1. I didn't know Fever by Peggy Lee had a lyric with Pocahontas in it before. Those songs are kinda trippy and quite the right match for feverish people. It's a pity you had no one to look after you while you were sick. I'm glad that you were able to look after yourself. I hope you get better soon and don't push yourself too much. You don't want to relapse.

  2. Prayers for your continued recovery. That doesn't sound very pleasant! Get well soon!

  3. Thanks Carlyn and Bethany! I am feeling so much better than I had been. Given the choice, it was good to get it when I did, at the end of a vacation, rather then at a time when I HAD to be at work, or in a week or so when I will be visiting family for Christmas! =)

  4. Ooh I hope you feel better soon! No one likes being poorly :( And I love the song Fever, although I always listen to the Beyoncé version ;) This Peggy version is nice and different though.


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