Monday, 8 December 2014

Entertainment Monday: Hi Suhyun (Monday 8 December 2014)

When I was in high school, my friends and I did ridiculous things when we had a crush on someone. We had code names for all our crushes, wrote endless notes to each other about them, stalked them around school and had long conversations analysing our interactions with our crushes. It was just so silly and stupid but I can laugh about it.
L-R Lee Hi & Suhyun

Hi Suhyun is the newest kpop duo whose latest single I’m Different is racing up the Asian music charts. Hi Suhyun comprises of eighteen year old Lee Hi and fifteen year old Suhyun.

The video clip of I’m Different features the girls as school girls obsessing over their crushes much like how my friends and I did in high school.  There is also a guest rapper in the song named Bobby who is from a yet to debut kpop boyband Ikon. What is different about the music is that it’s a bit of a jazz pop number rather than the bubblegum pop or RnB music that is common in Kpop. 

Here is a lyric video from a fan in English subtitles. 


  1. Eighteen and FIFTEEN?!?!

    I feel so unaccomplished .__. But gosh, they have really good voices! And I was pleasantly surprised by how catchy I'm Different was, too, since I don't usually like kpop much. Also, they're so prettyyy. <3 Thanks for sharing, Carlyn, I think I've found two more awesome people to listen to!

    1. It's amazing how some young people can achieve success so early in life. I look forward to listening to more of their music. Lee Hi and Suhyun are only collaborating for a short time as Lee Hi is a solo artist and Suhyun is part of another band called Akdong Musician.

  2. Oh gosh I almost let out a squeal of excitement when I saw that you'd done a review on kpop! Yes, I am quite the kpop fanatic, guilty as charged haha.

    I loved reading your review because it was chock full of information, some which I myself didn't even know haha! And it's great to read about it from a non-fangirl perspective, which as you can imagine can get very biased and exaggerated :P

    I also think it's lovely how this is sure to bring kpop into the radar of your international readers! Hopefully they'll go check it out.

    1. I'm glad that you liked my post Renae. Tomorrow, I have another Kpop post on Akdong Musician. They are my current favourite band.


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